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Draft Documents
This document is in a draft state.

Colors and Typography


The official colors are <color #1> and <color #2>, as shown on this page. The colors should be prominent in all printed pieces and on the website. A limited palette of secondary colors, also shown on this page, is used where appropriate to complement and enhance the main colors.

  • Primary Colors: <color #1>, <color #2>, <color #3>, ...
  • Complimentary Colors: <color #1>, <color #2>, <color #3>, ...


  • Primary Web font: <web-font #1>
  • Primary Print font: <print-font #1>

When these fonts are not available, <web-font> is the preferred alternative.

Overall Web Standards


  • New contributors
  • ...

Basic Usability Standards

  • The site will be optimized for 1024 x 768 screen resolution with maximum width set to 1000 px and most content height set to 600 px to minimize vertical scrolling.
  • The site will have a link to the home page in the top navigation of every page.
  • All links will have a consistent style that includes underlining and a difference in color from the surrounding body text. All links will have a consistent mouse over effect.
  • Generally, links should be constructed from the most important words in a sentence, not the entire sentence.
  • All images should contain an alt description for accessibility.
  • All photographic images for the website should be 72 dpi and cropped to fit the space where they will be placed.
  • No page should deliberately block the user from “backing” to a previous page.
  • Wherever possible the site will employ simple, friendly URLs for marketing purposes to link directly to common pages.
  • Links to additional content should be written and formatted in line with content. Generally, the actual URL of a link should not appear on a page.
  • Pop-Up windows will be used rarely if at all.
  • The site will be optimized for the latest version of Firefox. The site should render for other commonly used browsers.
  • This site should use javascript (or javascript frameworks, eg jquery, ajax) to enhance user experience. However, pages that utilize this should have an alternate method to view information if javascript is disabled.
  • Site should be accessible.
  • Whenever possible, content should be written to make use of bulleted paragraphs and subheadings.
  • Pages must follow a hierarchy of headers. This means that a page can only have one H1 tag and that H2 tags must be the next level of subhead, H3 the next level, and so on.