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New Look and Feel

As part of our efforts to revamp the Fedora websites, we're investigating the possibility of a new look and feel, informed by usability testing.

Usability Testing


Based on suggestions on list, here is a proposal for tasks that can be used in a usability test:

1. In one click, download the x86 Fedora Desktop Live Media ISO image. (or whichever we deem is/would be the most popular / best for new users)

We want anyone from less-experienced folks to experts to be able to do this.

2. Easily access to support tailored for NEW users.

We probably care mostly about brand-new users & less-experienced users on this one. Experts have other venues for assistance.

3. Figure out what Fedora is / what the project is all about.

We care about folks who haven't become users yet, new / less-experienced users, and also folks who are evaluating Fedora from a completely different perspective, such as a member of the news media or a researcher.

4. Join Fedora

Mostly this is probably targeted at new users / less-experienced users, particularly ones without development/engineering experience as I think a lot of folks have the perception that you have to be a programmer to contribute when it couldn't be further from the truth.

5. See / Learn about all of the cool things you can make and do with Fedora and how other people use Fedora.

I think this one is really targeted at everyone from not a user yet => newbie => experienced user.

6. Catch up on what is happening in Fedora, right now? What's the latest?

Current contributors probably care more about this than people who aren't involved in the community yet.

7. Give back to Fedora. (different from joining. Joining is more of a commitment)

Newbies/folks without time to become a regular contributor? This task probably applies to anybody though.

8. Download specific versions / form factors of Fedora. (as opposed to #1 which is one click)

More experienced users / developers should be able to do this; newbies probably care a little less.

9. Get Fedora bling! Spread Fedora!

Everyone wants this!

10. Access developer tools and documentation for Fedora.

Experienced users/developers mostly.

Performing The Test

While we're investigating the possibility of doing these remotely, if you have the time to sit down with some one locally and ask them the appropriate questions for their ability then that would be super :)

The best way to do this would be with a microphone and an application such as Istanbul. If you could then ask them to perform each task, giving a talking summary of their thoughts while working, capturing this with the microphone and the screen with Istanbul that would be great. We can then review these recordings later to discover how we need to improve the website.