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Fedora Websites Meeting 2008-05-19

Roll Call

IanWeller, JuanCamilloPrada, EricKerby, ivazquez, CraigThomas, MikeMcGrath, abadger, KarstenWade, MichaelBeckwith, JonathanRoberts

Discussion Summary

Wiki Migration

  • Wiki migration is happening next week! (2008-05-27)
  • Biggest problem is syntax issues that come up from migration
  • Need to get the word out that this is happening and get people to check all the most popular pages, e.g. CommonBugs, Overview etc
  • Ping mmcgrath, ricky or ianweller if there are problems other than syntax
  • Go forth and test here

Wiki Content

  • New wiki, new approach for DocsProject (wiki gardners), new plans for wiki content ownership
  • Pages will be asigned to SIGs/Sub-projects, indicated by banners on top
  • Believe this will improve credibility of pages for readers, along with actual accuracy
  • Believe this will provide a go-to point for new editors who get stuck
  • quaid is going to investigate a MediaWiki plugin to handle this automatically
  • JonRob is going to speak with Art Team about banners
  • quaid to delegate ownership/sponsorship process to DocsProject member


  • New get-fedora progress
  • Language will need refining
  • JuanCamilloPrada and CraigThomas are going to keep this task and come up with more designs
  • Everything will be CSS themeable, so pending a new general look and feel for all fp.o we can update the style easily


  • spins.fp.o
  • JuanCamilloPrada sent a message to f-websites-l with list of questions that need answering before we can progress
  • Will pick up conversation on list and get these questions answered


  • Consistent look and feel across all Fedora domains
  • CraigThomas will report back next week, with progress already seen on list :)

New Look and Feel

  • New look and feel
  • JonRob will follow up with MairinDuffy to see if she has further thoughts on this
  • JonRob will also parse list conversation into understandable form

Websites' Licenses

  • Websites code and content licenses
  • RickyZhou requested that we review this following several questions on list about the possibility of re-using Fedora websites code on external sites
  • Need to find out what current license is for the websites and whether it applies to both content and code
  • Need to decide on a preferred license if possible, and get it implemented
  • TomCallaway needs asking nicely to help us out here, and unless someone else is already doing it JonRob will pick this up

Other Business

  • Remained of agenda bumped to next week