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Fedora Websites Meeting 2008-05-26

Roll Call

MaxSpevack, MichaelBeckwith, JonathanRoberts, IgnacioVazquezAbrams, IanWeller

Discussion Summary

Wiki Migration

  • It's happening now!
  • Old wiki moves to /wikiold & set read-only
  • To do list of things that people need to is here (need to move bugs to that page from trac) - ianweller and jds2001
  • Will also use opportunity to find old cruft on wiki and figure out what we can drop - quaid

Tutorial for new contributors

  • In response to ricky's task "Websites Infrastructure"
  • Should come up with a tutorial/list of steps that you go throw to get a change into production - group effort on gobby
  • As part of this, add contact information to the domain list - ricky has this

New look and feel

  • Planned usability testing based on mizmo's on list proposal - should convert to wiki, JonRob has this covered
  • Possibility of asking fedora-list for feedback about website


  • Asked on FAB - got some feedback which essentially boiled down to us needing to get permission from individual contributors to change
  • Will take discussion on list for further feedback about possible license choice and method of identifying contributors - mspevack has this

Wiki Sponsorship

  • Revisited discussion from last week
  • Going to run with quaid's suggestion and evaluate in a few months
  • Use this scheme for implementation:

this week - fix status quo next week - make organization guidelines following week - listen to feedback and implement