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  • Neither giarc or juank_prada were present for meeting
  • Posted to list asking for update - see this thread
  • giarc said he's happy to code, but would prefer a designers insight :)

Infrastructure Bits

  • No progress with a site map, but we do have the domain list.
  • Sidebar is pretty much site map for static content on fp.o
  • Discussion about release cycle for websites
  • No need for development branch, everyone has own git repo for development work
  • Release cycle would be for l10n - string freeze prior to release to ensure we have as good coverage as possible
  • Need to check how long is useful for l10n
  • More talk about a possible CMS
  • Reduce the barrier for entry to posting new content for docs and websites
  • Would be good to have option to "send to docs for edit" in workflow
  • Checklist for CMS requirements:
  • Active development
  • Security record
  • Support for translations
  • Test instance
  • How well does publication workflow fit