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ricky #startmeeting 17:00
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ricky #topic Fedora Websites Meeting - Who's here? 17:00
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* ricky 17:00
* sijis is here 17:01
ricky I get the feeling that this will be a short one :-) 17:01
* nb 17:01
nb hiemanshu, ping? 17:01
sijis aren't they typically short? 17:01
ricky mizmo, ianweller, nb, hiemanshu, onekopaka_away, anybody I missed: ping 17:01
ricky sijis: They tend to be either really short (<15 minutes) or really long (>1 hour) 17:01
ricky There hasn't been much in between 17:02
* hiemanshu is here now 17:02
ianweller hi 17:02
ricky Cool, some more people, let's move on: 17:03
ricky #topic Fedora Websites Meeting - Tasks 17:03
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ricky OK, so any update on any of the tasks from previous weeks? 17:03
nb blogs is stalled pending FAS integration 17:03
hiemanshu Nope not really 17:03
nb hiemanshu, is going to look at it today i think? 17:03
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ricky sijis: Thanks for the websites fixes by the way, I committed them to puppet earlier so it should be live now 17:03
sijis ricky: oh cool. :) 17:04
ricky nb: What part is stalling it? What work needs to be done to unstall it?  :-) 17:04
nb ricky, getting the plugin to check the passwords 17:04
nb it right now just checkes for a valid username 17:04
ricky So if anybody has IE6, please test and 17:04
nb it looks like it is checking password, but in practice does not work 17:04
ricky nb: Has anybody gotten a chance to try debugging the issue on a publictest machine? 17:05
nb ricky, not sure, all i know that has been done is that nigel looked at it that night 17:05
nb and didnt figure anything out, i dont know that anyone has done much since then 17:05
* ricky remembers a few people being interested in doing the FAS auth testing 17:05
sijis i can assist with the password checking, if you need another set of eyes. 17:05
nb .fasinfo sijis 17:05
zodbot nb: User: sijis, Name: Sijis Aviles, email:, Creation: 2009-05-24, IRC Nick: sijis, Timezone: US/Central, Locale: en, Extension: 5130830, GPG key ID: , Status: active 17:05
zodbot nb: Approved Groups: cla_done sysadmin cla_fedora 17:05
zodbot nb: Unapproved Groups: None 17:05
nb sijis, i can send you the plugin or if ricky will sponsor you to -test you can access it there 17:06
ricky sijis: It looks like we have none now, so definitely - go ahead and apply to sysadmin-test if you want to take a look 17:06
ricky nb can probably walk you through the current setup 17:06
sijis okay. i'll apply shortly. 17:06
nb wheres the test fas? pt3? 17:06
ricky YUp 17:06
nb i need to change the fasauth plugin to use that 17:06
nb so we aren't using production info 17:07
ricky Yeah, that needs to be done ASAP 17:07
ricky OK, anything else on blogs.fp.o? 17:07
nb ricky, not really, otherwise i think we are ready to deploy 17:07
sijis i know the wiki has a module for the fas authentication. i took a look at that a while back to have an idea how it worked. 17:07
ricky I did also send an email to somebody at Red Hat that might have experience with wordpress mu auth. I haven't gotten any response on that yet. 17:07
ricky sijis: That's supposedly what the current one is based on, but it looks like it's just not working. 17:08
nb need to get a database created and get the database imported into there, or create a new one, import would be best because theres some annoying settings 17:08
ricky So what *does* the current pugin do yet? 17:08
ricky nb: we can import, sure. 17:08
ricky Does it check that the username is in CLA + 1 non-CLA group? 17:08
nb ricky, it checks to see that the username that is provided is a member of cla_done and i think one other group 17:08
nb i know cla_done 17:08
ricky OK. 17:09
nb and then it adds them a wpmu account to use 17:09
ricky Make sure the other group is non-CLA (it can't start with 'cla_') 17:09
nb they can then go to signup after they are logged in 17:09
ricky That's one point where it's different from the wiki. 17:09
nb if they want a blog 17:09
hiemanshu ricky, it checks if that person has an fp.o email ID 17:09
ricky How does it check that? 17:09
hiemanshu and uses that email ID for verification 17:09
ricky I'd rather not even make an entry in the db without the proper FAS credentials, but if that's not feasible, then that's fine too. 17:10
ricky OK 17:10
nb hiemanshu, it checks if they have a fas account 17:10
nb and if they are a member of cla_done 17:10
ricky One other action that I remember mentioning is spam 17:10
nb and i think one other non-cla 17:10
hiemanshu ricky, what it does now is check if an ID exists, if that exists it send an email to <name>@fp.o 17:10
ricky It'd be good if somebody could ask the GNOME folks about if they've had a spam problem or anything like that. 17:10
nb ricky, we can disable non-logged in comments if we need 17:11
ricky hiemanshu: Can it check if an ID exists+has CLA+1 non-CLA group, *then* send the email? 17:11
ricky nb: That would cut the value of the service a good bit though :-( 17:11
nb true 17:11
ricky It'd probably stop me from using it, even. 17:11
hiemanshu ricky, they will get an email only if they are member of it one non CLA group as well 17:11
* nb not sure if it actually cares about sending an email with the plugin 17:11
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nb hiemanshu, ? 17:11
sijis can someone give me an examples of a non-cla group? 17:11
nb sijis, anything that doesnt start with cla_* 17:12
ricky sijis: sysadmin-test is one :-) 17:12
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hiemanshu to get an fp.o email ID you need to have one cla_done and one non CLA group 17:12
nb i.e. not cla_done, cla_fedora, cla_redhat 17:12
nb hiemanshu, i know 17:12
nb but it checks that directly, i didnt think it actually sent an email with the plugin 17:12
hiemanshu nb, so that solves what we need 17:12
ricky OK, so sijis is in sysadmin-test now to work on the auth plugin now 17:12
sijis btw, i just applied to the group 17:12
ricky sijis: We can talk with nb after the meeting to get you setup and working on it if you have some time 17:12
nb sijis, /usr/share/wordpress-mu/wp-content/mu-plugins/fasauth.php should be it 17:13
nb and it lives at 17:13
sijis ok, after meeting should be ok. 17:13
nb yeah, i'll stop taking up meeting time :) 17:13
ricky nb: I forget, are we packaging that or including that file with puppet? 17:13
ricky And that file is 100% clean WRT licenses, right? 17:13
nb ricky, neither ATM 17:13
nb ricky, yeah 17:13
nb ricky, probably puppet, although i could package it 17:14
nb ricky, your preference? 17:14
ricky OK, if it's going to be a package, then it wouldn't hurt to have the spec ready 17:14
ricky That's if it'd be generally useful 17:14
ricky Our wiki auth is currently not a package, for what that's worth 17:14
* nb doesnt think it would since it is specific to fedora? 17:14
ricky But I have no preference, whatever you think 17:14
nb ricky, basically s/wordpress-mu-plugin-defaults/wordpress-mu-plugin-fasauth/ 17:14
nb would work i think 17:14
nb and change %files 17:14
* nb isnt too worried about a spec 17:14
ricky Hehe, yeah, it'd be easy to do either. 17:15
hiemanshu I think puppet is better though 17:15
ricky OK, so I guess that's all for blog.fp.o today. 17:15
ricky sijis can hopefully work on getting the plugin working, then we can do some testing with auth to see that it works everywhere it needs to 17:15
nb yeah 17:16
sijis about packing.. if fas is a package and so is wpmu, why not package the auth-pluin? 17:16
ricky Oh, the one other thing - anybody interested in talking to GNOME folks about their blogs setup? 17:16
ricky I'm specifically interested in the issue of spam :-/ 17:16
nb sijis, im not opposed, id do it if that is the consensus 17:16
nb sijis, fwiw, it would be easier to update if it was not 17:16
nb but i dont see us needing to change it 17:16
ricky sijis it's a good question, I don't think we have a policy on what should be packaged vs. not at the moment 17:16
sijis nb agreed. playing devil's advocate really. 17:16
nb yeah 17:16
ricky I personally prefer packages whenever possible, because development should not be taking place in our puppet repo 17:17
ricky And having separate copies in the fedora-infrastructure.git repo and puppet just feels wrong (and allows them to get out of sync)_ 17:17
sijis we could also 'reproduce' the environment if it was packaged easier. 17:17
nb true 17:17
ricky That'd be the case if it were in puppet too, but the points above still apply 17:17
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* hiemanshu is sorry about not being here completely 17:18
sijis understood. 17:18
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ricky I just pinged otaylor on #fedora-admin 17:18
ricky He's involved with some GNOME stuff and might be able to direct us to a good contact 17:19
ricky Ah, looks like things are iffy there at the moment, the guy that set it up isn't available at the moment 17:20
sijis that set what up? 17:21
ricky Sorry, the person that setup 17:21
ricky Which looks very similar to what we'd like to do with blogs.fp.o 17:22
ricky They use wordpress mu as well 17:22
ricky OK, so the one other update about tasks in general is that sijis and I have been talking to docs about the possibility of getting some sort of knowledge baes software or something for docs.fp.o 17:23
ricky sijis started a thread at, and I sent a reply as well 17:23
ricky So hopefully this will get considered in the zikula work that they're doing now - the main question for me right now is what belongs on the wiki vs. the knowledge base software? 17:24
ricky quaid has posted some thoughtful responses to that, which is great 17:24
sijis i think they are leaning towards the wiki 17:25
ricky So that'll be a good conversation to keep up with about improving the "getting help" experience for new people 17:25
ricky sijis: Yeah, the impression I've gotten so far is that the knowledge base might contain shorter articles or snippets that link to fuller tutorials/howtos on the wiki 17:25
mizmo hi im here now (sorry) 17:25
ricky Hey hey 17:25
ricky We were just talking about some of the latest discussion we've had with the docs team about improving that 17:26
sijis ricky: yes, that's correct. however, i my impression was also that the kb stuff would be in the wiki too. 17:26
ricky sijis recently posted about what their thoughts on having a knowlege base type thing are, and I replied with some of my thoughts about what the experience is like for for somebody looking for help 17:27
ricky sijis: For what it's worth ianweller mentioned to me that there's already a howto category on the wiki 17:27
ricky Maybe we can work out some subcategories that it would be nice to have for our docs? 17:28
sijis yeah, good idea. 17:28
ricky OK, so the next task I see coming out of this is: Ask people in #fedora-ops what kind of docs would be helpful 17:29
sijis i can't say that i've used the wiki a whole lot. i've just fixed a few typos/formatting things. 17:29
ricky What common mistakes to new Fedora users make that we could write up some best practices for? 17:29
ricky sijis: ianweller is our wiki czar, so he's a good resource for any wiki questions you might have 17:29
sijis folks in #fedora might have some stuff too. nirik seemed to have run that fig. 17:30
ricky Yeah, he's one of the people in #fedora-ops too 17:30
sijis oh, okay 17:30
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sijis fedora-ops is a group i haven't heard of yet. 17:30
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ricky sijis: It's the channel where #fedora operators hang out 17:31
ricky Let me just get a quick dump of actions so far here: 17:31
ricky #action Get FAS Auth plugin working 17:31
ricky #action Talk to GNOME people about their blogs setup (issues with spam?) 17:31
ricky #action Talk to people in #fedora/#fedora-ops about what kind of docs could be useful to have 17:31
ricky OK, so any other thoughts on right now? 17:32
ricky OK, so the last task update I have is feedback 17:33
ricky mizmo: Mark has been wondering how to move forward with that last round of websites feedback - any ideas? 17:34
* ricky remembers that mizmo might have been working on some mockups incorporating some of that 17:34
mizmo ricky: yeh i still have the get.fpo one in progress, since fudcon berlin ive been working on a backlog of stuff from that week :( 17:35
mizmo ricky: ill upload it to the wiki and post the link 17:35
ricky No worries, no rush at all 17:35
ricky Thanks a lot 17:36
mizmo the feedback is good, the next steps are in my court 17:36
mizmo to apply to the mocks 17:36
ricky Awesome, we look forward to seeing what you come up with :-) 17:36
sijis wasn't some feedback also provided for fp.o? 17:36
ricky Yeah 17:36
ricky I'm not sure if mizmo intends on working both at the same time or looking at one set of things first 17:37
nb sijis, actually the group is irc-support-operators or something 17:37
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sijis so two feedbacks went out.. fp.o and get.fp.o? 17:37
mizmo i want to get get.fpo solid first 17:37
ricky Sounds good, that fits with the priorities we had discussed 17:37
mizmo i think www.fpo is a bigger kettle of fish :) we'll need involvement from other teams like marketing on that one 17:37
ricky sijis: I think they're all in the same email thread 17:37
ricky mizmo: Ohh, good point, I remember Jack pinging me about some last minute fp.o changes that I couldn't make for the F11 release 17:38
ricky So communication there is definitely key 17:38
mizmo yeh 17:38
ricky OK, so that's all I've got 17:39
ricky #topic Fedora Websites Meeting - Open Floor 17:39
sijis mizmo: so are you the design/mockups guru? 17:39
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mizmo sijis: i dont know if id call myself a guru but :) mockups are primarily what i do 17:39
mizmo :) 17:39
sijis ok. 17:40
* ricky wishes we could get a some clones of mizmo - it'd do us wonders :-) 17:40
ricky OK, so anything else anybody else wants to discuss? 17:41
ricky Or any new people that have introduced themselves on list want to say hi?  :-) 17:41
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sijis hi, I'm Sijis. i live in Chicago, USA. my $job is a sysadmin. i enjoy walks in the park. 17:42
ricky Welcome, sijis! 17:42
ricky And thanks for tracking down that (ugh) IE6 stupidity 17:42
sijis i truly enjoy working on websites. that's how i got into 'computers'. 17:42
ricky #action Confirm that IE6 issues are fixed on & 17:43
ricky Cool 17:43
ricky sijis: Are you good with PHP? That's what the FAS auth plugin stuff will mostly be 17:43
sijis yup. i'm decent in it. 17:44
ricky Awesome, we'll get you setup with the auth plugin soon then, thanks 17:44
ricky Anything else before we close up? 17:44
nb no 17:46
nb i dont think so 17:46
ricky All right then 17:46
ricky #endmeeting 17:46
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