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onekopaka #startmeeting Websites Meeting for 8-14-2009 17:01
onekopaka #topic Who's here? 17:01
* onekopaka 17:01
onekopaka ricky: ping 17:02
FergatROn i'm here 17:02
onekopaka FergatROn: oh good. 17:02
onekopaka nb__: ping 17:02
* nb 17:02
FergatROn i thought the meeting would be in #fedora-meeting? 17:02
nb kind of here at least 17:02
onekopaka FergatROn: FESco gets that 17:03
nb no ricky here? 17:03
onekopaka nb: apparently not. 17:03
FergatROn so if ricky isn't here... do we have an agenda? 17:03
onekopaka #topic get.fpo 17:03
onekopaka FergatROn: I guess. 17:04
onekopaka mizmo: ping 17:04
FergatROn I'm just curious onekopaka - is there an agenda? 17:04
I mean posted for all to see? :D
onekopaka FergatROn: posted, no. In my head, yes. 17:04
FergatROn hahah 17:04
onekopaka FergatROn: it's a relavent one though 17:05
onekopaka FergatROn: but mizmo isn't here. which ruins it.. 17:05
onekopaka mizmo: and.. we're moving on. 17:06
FergatROn well, we at least know their IRC clients are logged in. 17:06
onekopaka #topic F12 tasks recap 17:06
onekopaka well 17:07
mizmo hi im here 17:07
onekopaka mizmo: oh good. 17:07
FergatROn hey mizmo 17:07
mizmo yo 17:07
onekopaka mizmo: lemme quickly finish this topic 17:07
onekopaka Infra is frozen, I know that much 17:08
nb well not all of it 17:08
nb we can still change valueadd and i think proxy is 17:08
unfrozen too ricky said
onekopaka nb: noted. 17:08
onekopaka #info valueadd servers and proxys are unfrozen in 17:09
the Infra freeze
nb theres a graphic somewhere that says what is unfrozen 17:09
onekopaka nb: could you dig it up? 17:09
nb i will try 17:10
onekopaka mizmo: does your team have a banner for the alpha? 17:10
nb #link 17:11;a=blob_plain;f=architecture/Environments.odg;hb=HEAD
onekopaka I see this from Paolo Leoni: 17:11
mizmo onekopaka: we have a draft 17:11
mizmo onekopaka: i believe we picked a different design 17:11
onekopaka mizmo: would you happen to have a link for it? 17:12
mizmo onekopaka: 17:12
nb i like it 17:13
nb isnt the name Constantine? 17:13
mizmo yes 17:13
onekopaka looks nice 17:13
nb so i gather that is why the roman design 17:13
mizmo yeppers 17:13
mizmo :) 17:13
* FergatROn doesn't like it... but he hasn't been around long either! 17:13
* hiemanshu is sorry for being late 17:13
onekopaka hiemanshu: hi, you here for websites? 17:13
hiemanshu onekopaka: yup 17:13
onekopaka mizmo: so I'm gonna #Link that draft 17:14
onekopaka #link 17:14
mizmo sure 17:14
onekopaka so I think we are good with Fedora 12 schedule. 17:14
hiemanshu anyone got a backlog? 17:14
onekopaka hiemanshu: not much has happened, we talked about 17:15
the Infra freeze and which parts are / are not frozen
hiemanshu onekopaka: ah ok 17:15
onekopaka we're gonna move back to mizmo for get.fpo 17:15
hiemanshu no ricky today? 17:15
hiemanshu hey mizmo 17:16
onekopaka #topic get.fpo (for real) 17:16
mizmo hi 17:16
nb when are we supposed to branch the website? 17:16
tmz nb: I was talking with ricky about that yesterday. I 17:16
was going to a push an f11 branch.
nb tmz, oh ok 17:17
tmz that was just before the reboots, so I held off. 17:17
onekopaka mizmo: I think you better try to get in your part 17:17
tmz nb: I also want to check with ricky to ensure any 17:17
syncing scripts will do the right thing before I push that. :)
nb tmz, i think we'll need to change 17:18
* nb can do that if you want 17:18
mizmo onekopaka: what do you mean? 17:18
onekopaka mizmo: what's your status on get.fpo 17:18
mizmo onekopaka: i have mockups 17:18
mizmo i posted them to planet this past week 17:18
mizmo i worked on them with stickster 17:19
mizmo they're 3rd draft at this point but still need tweaks 17:19
onekopaka mizmo: and it's prolly scrolled off planet ;-) 17:19
mizmo front page of www.fpo 17:19
mizmo get.fpo front page 17:19
mizmo do not yet have the more options mocked up 17:20
(alternative arches etc)
mizmo download splash 17:20
onekopaka #link 17:20
mizmo spins.fpo first page 17:20
hiemanshu mizmo: i think we were looking for making x64 17:21
more visible and most people dont like to read text to get there
nb tmz, yeah, it looks like is what clones 17:21
fedora-web from git, builds it, and then makes it live on the proxies
onekopaka #link 17:21
onekopaka #link 17:21
mizmo hiemanshu: this is designed according to the 17:21
requirements the board gave me
onekopaka #link 17:21
mizmo hiemanshu: the secondary arch screen will have x86_64 17:22
hiemanshu mizmo: yeah i read that part 17:22
mizmo im not driving the requirements 17:22
hiemanshu mizmo: but a better placed or atleast more 17:22
obvious option would be better
mizmo again :) 17:22
mizmo not my choice 17:22
nb hiemanshu, you might tell that to the board 17:22
mizmo we have an 'other options' link right next to the 17:23
huge download button
nb hiemanshu, she's not the one deciding what it looks 17:23
like, she's just the one implementing it
hiemanshu nb: i lost the thread about requirements 17:23
mizmo nb: well im doing the screen design / visual layout, 17:23
but what is on the page and isn't is decided by the board
nb mizmo, yeah, thats what i meant 17:23
* hiemanshu nods 17:23
mizmo i think its a good idea though 17:23
hiemanshu mizmo: great work i have to say though /me loves it 17:23
mizmo to only have one download link 17:23
mizmo thanks :) 17:24
onekopaka #info mizmo doesn't decide what's on the page, 17:24
the <s>evil</s> wonderful board does
hiemanshu onekopaka: stop behaving your age :P 17:24
onekopaka hiemanshu: noted. 17:25
onekopaka mizmo: I'm liking the mockups 17:25
hiemanshu mizmo: i do have a few notes on the mockups that 17:25
i ll send to the list
mizmo hiemanshu: cool that would be great 17:25
mizmo got 80 comments on the blog post lol but always room for more 17:26
* hiemanshu wonders if fedora has a mascot 17:26
FergatROn hiemanshu: yes, its "me"! :) 17:26
onekopaka that panda seems to want to be the mascot. 17:26
hiemanshu onekopaka: yup exactly what i wanted to know 17:27
* hiemanshu should ask the board to decide on this 17:27
hiemanshu can i get any +1's on this? 17:27
onekopaka mizmo: are you proud of that panda? 17:27
* FergatROn thinks the panda looks great! 17:28
* onekopaka likes the panda too. 17:28
* hiemanshu likes it too but wants to let the board decide 17:28
onekopaka and mizmo did the panda totally in Inkscape 17:28
mizmo onekopaka: i ilke the panda but it needs a little more work 17:28
FergatROn mizmo: is there any symoblism with the panda or 17:28
is it just a graphic element?
mizmo FergatROn: well i like the idea of a panda because 17:29
they're black and white like tux is :)
mizmo FergatROn: they're cute 17:29
hiemanshu mizmo: was the panda your idea or the boards? 17:29
mizmo FergatROn: no other big distro has a bear for a mascot 17:29
mizmo hiemanshu: panda was my idea but the board members 17:29
i've shown it to like it
hiemanshu mizmo: then that should work 17:29
FergatROn mizmo: so we'll see more big bears and peguins 17:29
mixing it up on Fedora's site? :D
mizmo hiemanshu: the idea was inspired by 17:29
that has a lot of cute animals like dolphins, etc
mizmo FergatROn: well maybe not penguins, just pandas 17:29
mizmo FergatROn: we could do a penguin and a panda together 17:30
at some point though if we want to point at upstream linux
hiemanshu mizmo: yeah seen that, a bigger panda could symbolize power 17:30
mizmo hiemanshu: kung fu panda :) 17:30
hiemanshu mizmo: sure :) 17:30
mizmo did you guys see nicu's post about the panda 17:30
hiemanshu mizmo: we need to symbolize something through the mascots 17:30
FergatROn hiemanshu: mizmo haha - there's certainly room 17:31
for improvement. Has anyone thought of a mascot before?
onekopaka so are we agreeing that the panda is the new mascot? 17:31
hiemanshu onekopaka: unofficially yes 17:31
mizmo 17:31
FergatROn onekopaka: i think the board will make the final 17:31
decision. It seems like most of us like it though.
mizmo FergatROn: yeh there was some work a long time ago 17:31
but we couldn't decide what to use
hiemanshu #link 17:31
mizmo the panda doesn't have to be an official mascot 17:32
either, just a cute character for the site. e.g, like i mentioned some
of the firefox pages have dolphins and birds. but their mascot is the
nb oops i forgot about this window 17:32
onekopaka #agreed the panda is the unofficial mascot and 17:32
the board will decide on the panda's mascot credibility
hiemanshu #action Speak to the board and ask if they like 17:33
the Panda to me the Fedora mascot
hiemanshu (Thats after the Panda agrees though) 17:33
hiemanshu s/me/be 17:33
mizmo hiemanshu: 17:33
<= i talked to the panda over some drinks and he agrees
hiemanshu mizmo: so there we go, the Panda agrees as well 17:34
mizmo (with a little drink and bamboo he's quite agreeable ;-) ) 17:34
hiemanshu so we need the Board to decide on it 17:34
onekopaka stickster: ping 17:34
hiemanshu mizmo: with a hug as well ;) 17:35
<onekopaka> 17:35
seems to show a position by stickster on pandas.
* onekopaka thinks stickster isn't going to answer 17:36
* stickster on phone -- oops, sorry! 17:36
stickster heh 17:36
onekopaka stickster: oh, okay. sorry for interrupting your phone call 17:37
* stickster notes that he asked the Board to weigh in on 17:37
mockups on FAB lsit
onekopaka stickster: so what's your opinion on the panda though? 17:38
mizmo ....spppsssshhh.... i think he's on the phone with 17:38
the panda working out a contrcat
mizmo ;-) 17:38
onekopaka heh 17:39
FergatROn that panda's a big-time deal maker. stickster's 17:39
gonna need all his wits about him!
hiemanshu stickster: tell him i can offer him a life time 17:40
supply of drinks of his choice
mizmo hiemanshu: dont forget the bamboo 17:40
hiemanshu mizmo: common spend something atleast :P 17:40
mizmo so im wondering does anyone have time to start maybe 17:40
working on some html for the mockups so far, or do we think it's too
soon to do this?
hiemanshu mizmo: i could 17:41
onekopaka hiemanshu: do you wish to take this tasak? 17:41
onekopaka task* 17:41
hiemanshu onekopaka: yup 17:41
hiemanshu i could start 17:41
mizmo the design still may change a little, but, for the front page 17:41
onekopaka #action hiemanshu to work on full-blown html mockups. 17:41
mizmo i think it'll end up being the same rough layout 17:41
mizmo let me grab that mockup again 17:41
mizmo 17:41
mizmo the content might change slightly but the layout for 17:42
that i think is pretty solid
hiemanshu mizmo: i have links 17:42
mizmo cool 17:42
hiemanshu mizmo: just send me the source files 17:42
hiemanshu irc nick @fp.o 17:42
mizmo hiemanshu: they are in the same directory 17:42
* stickster gets off phone 17:42
mizmo 17:42
onekopaka stickster: what did the panda say? 17:43
stickster OK, as far as the panda goes -- honestly, I think 17:43
he's helpful in a directional way, as a stand-in or proxy for the web
page user.
stickster But 17:43
hiemanshu mizmo: got it 17:43
stickster I think he also has the potential to annoy some 17:44
of our contributor contingent who think that he's then automatically a
mascot that has had no community input
onekopaka stickster: so the community at large should vote? 17:44
stickster When I look at the after-download page, though, I 17:44
see a lot of text there. A character or graphic really breaks that up
in a good way.
stickster I think we've been down the voting road before 17:45
and it's not been terribly productive.
onekopaka hmm. 17:45
stickster I mean, if the overall vote is in favor of an 17:45
ugly toad, does that mean we are saddled with an ugly toad?
FergatROn so give the community 3 version of a panda to 17:45
vote on! onekopaka stickster :D
stickster I'm not terribly concerned about the panda per 17:46
se. What I am concerned about is having a web site that makes it easy
for people to find and download Fedora.
onekopaka sijis_afk has input on the export regulations disclaimer 17:46
onekopaka 17:46
onekopaka is his non-integrated mockup 17:46
stickster mizmo: ricky: Don't let me drag the meeting back 17:46
to this if you're looking to go to another topic
stickster One last note -- I've asked the Board members to 17:47
start weighing in on the FAB list about the design mockups
mizmo onekopaka: sijis's mockup looks like it'll match what 17:47
the lawyers were looking for so that's great
onekopaka stickster: ricky isn't here, I'm the chair =) 17:47
onekopaka mizmo: cool 17:48
onekopaka #agreed 17:48
looks like what the lawyers want
stickster onekopaka: Excellent, thanks 17:48
mizmo thanks stickster 17:48
onekopaka blogs topic? 17:49
hiemanshu onekopaka: nope 17:49
hiemanshu onekopaka: still the same no update 17:49
hiemanshu nb: ping 17:49
onekopaka hiemanshu: WRONG! 17:49
onekopaka hiemanshu: there's totally an update from sijis_afk 17:50
onekopaka #topic blogs.fpo 17:50
hiemanshu wow, how did i miss that! 17:50
onekopaka sijis_afk had left this txt file: 17:50
onekopaka hiemanshu: by losing power, I assume 17:50
onekopaka so he's working on HAProxy on pt16 17:51
onekopaka and he'll do a *graphical* document on HAProxy 17:51
(the HAProxy docs are bad)
* hiemanshu was kept busy with personal stuff 17:52
onekopaka hiemanshu: like stiches in an arm. 17:52
hiemanshu onekopaka: lot more than that 17:52
hiemanshu 32 stitches can do no harm to /me 17:52
onekopaka hiemanshu: mhmm. 17:52
onekopaka #info 32 stitches can do "no harm" to hiemanshu 17:53
hiemanshu onekopaka: stop behaving your age! 17:53
hiemanshu said that before 17:53
onekopaka so 17:53
nb i need to work on documenting blogs more 17:53
nb i think i'll make a post on the front page and maybe a 17:53
help or something telling people that you use your fas login, etc
* onekopaka failed at screencasts. 17:53
nb and to contact blogadmin-members if you have problems 17:54
nb .members blogadmin 17:54
hiemanshu onekopaka is a big L 17:54
* nb forgets if he added sijis 17:54
nb yeah 17:54
onekopaka hiemanshu: that's not very nice. 17:54
hiemanshu #info onekopaka failed at screencasts 17:54
hiemanshu :P 17:54
nb #info this meeting needs to regain focus on the subject at hand 17:55
onekopaka ORDER! 17:55
* onekopaka slams down a gavlin 17:55
onekopaka so 17:55
* nb thinks onekopaka means gavel 17:55
onekopaka nb: of course. 17:55
onekopaka so.... 17:56
hiemanshu do we have anything else? 17:56
nb although if a gavlin is a cross between a gavel and a 17:56
javelin it might be effective because people may think you might spear
them with it if they do not listen
hiemanshu onekopaka: close to one hour mark 17:56
onekopaka hiemanshu: does it matter? 17:56
hiemanshu nb: whos going offtopic now 17:56
onekopaka nb: yes, it is! 17:56
* nb hides in fear 17:56
hiemanshu onekopaka: yup, ricky likes to close it within an 17:56
hour usually
hiemanshu mizmo, nb : anything else? 17:57
onekopaka hiemanshu: well I don't! them FESco people go for 17:57
over 2 hours
nb nope 17:57
hiemanshu onekopaka: Open Floor time 17:57
onekopaka #topic Open Floor 17:57
mizmo hiemanshu: not much else from me 17:57
FergatROn is there orientation for new websites folks? 17:57
mizmo im gonna work on more mocks this afternoon for the website 17:57
FergatROn Its great being in the meetings, but I'm lost. :D 17:57
nb FergatROn, well, not really, what kind of things are you 17:57
itnerested in workin on
nb .fas (3) Oral or written or digitally signed email 17:58
notice of a meeting of the
nb committee must be given by the secretary to each member of the 17:58
nb committee at least 48 hours (or such other period as many be 17:58
nb unanimously agreed on by the members of the committee) before 17:58
nb the time appointed for the holding of the meeting. 17:58
onekopaka #info mizmo going to work on more mockups for the website 17:58
nb oops crap i pasted something else in here 17:58
FergatROn I'm a backend developer, but I also do a lot of 17:58
front-end work (usability, interface stuff)
nb .fas FergatROn 17:58
nb .fasinfo fergatron 17:58
nb have you cloned a copy of fedora-web? 17:58
mizmo FergatROn: usability/ui design is my specialty :) 17:58
FergatROn nb no 17:58
FergatROn mizmo: well any need for PHP developer? 17:59
hiemanshu FergatROn: not much 17:59
nb FergatROn, git clone ssh:// i think 17:59
mizmo hiemanshu: actually not true 17:59
mizmo FergatROn: we do need PHP devels 17:59
mizmo FergatROn: for Zikula 17:59
hiemanshu mizmo: i have really seen much SO FAR 17:59
hiemanshu havent* 17:59
nb FergatROn, and blogs is php 17:59
mizmo FergatROn: i think Zikula is written in PHP and 17:59
stickster was looking for a PHP developer to help with i
onekopaka yeah that Zikula thing 17:59
nb FergatROn, we are trying to figure out a way to make 18:00
wordpress-mu play nice with ssl
FergatROn well I'm game stickster 18:00
stickster We do need PHP and JavaScript people to help, yes 18:00
nb sijis is working on that 18:00
stickster FergatROn: You can join the logistics list to 18:00
sign on to help
* onekopaka likes PHP and JavaScript 18:00
stickster 18:00
stickster Introduce yourself and ask how you can help 18:00
stickster We have a list of some current issues here: 18:01
* hiemanshu does PHP as well 18:01
stickster Some of the problems are already well defined and 18:01
just need a couple hours of knowledgeable people's elbow grease to
FergatROn awesome! I'll do that (this weekend probably). 18:01
FergatROn Other than developing, I kind of like 18:01
documentation... weird, I know.
FergatROn so I luv me so wikis. 18:02
FergatROn some* 18:02
onekopaka that reminds me 18:02
mizmo is there anything anyone needs from me? 18:02
* onekopaka does cd Sites/mwtrunk && svn up 18:02
mizmo e.g., mockups gfx 18:02
onekopaka mizmo: not that I know of 18:03
mizmo kk 18:03
FergatROn not you mizmo , but will this log get posted in 18:03
the mialing list? I plan on uploading it to the wiki later.
mizmo i have some time this afternoon which is why i ask 18:03
mizmo FergatROn: i think so 18:03
hiemanshu mizmo: if you could zip me the latest source 18:03
files would be great
nb .fas Eric Christensen 18:03
onekopaka FergatROn: it's totally going on the mailing list 18:03
mizmo hiemanshu: there's only one source file for all the screens 18:03
nb .fainfo sparks 18:03
nb .fasinfo sparks 18:03
mizmo hiemanshu: it's the SVG i gave u the link to before 18:03
* nb supposes he could use /msg i forget about that 18:04
hiemanshu mizmo: ah ok 18:04
nb ianweller, ping 18:04
mizmo hiemanshu: i didn't use to do it that way but i think 18:04
it's more convenient to have one source to work with
* hiemanshu nods 18:05
hiemanshu mizmo: MOST people dont work that way 18:05
mizmo yeh 18:05
nb hiemanshu, well, if she chooses to do so i don't think 18:05
theres a problem?
mizmo it makes it easier to copy elements between screens 18:05
if they're in the same file tho
hiemanshu nb: when did i say i have a problem :) 18:05
nb hiemanshu, well, using most in all caps i thought you 18:06
were implying that
* hiemanshu agrees to mizmo 18:06
FergatROn ok folks. I gotta get back to work. Thanks for 18:06
the meeting. I'll try and comb over it this weekend and wrap my tiny
brain around it!
mizmo i started doing the same file because i was doing so 18:06
much copying between the front page and get.fpo lol
mizmo thanks for stopping by FergatROn 18:06
mizmo look forward to working with ya :) 18:06
* FergatROn signing off! Zoooom! Same here mizmo 18:06
hiemanshu nb: i asked her for ALL source, and she said she 18:06
did that in one file, and i most people dont do that way
nb hiemanshu, thats ok, nevermind 18:06
mizmo but most people dont use inkscape, they use photoshop 18:06
as well ;-)
* mizmo someday will convince the designers of the world that 18:07
inkscape kicks photoshops butt
onekopaka mizmo: it'll save them hundreds of dollards! 18:07
onekopaka dollars* 18:07
hiemanshu mizmo: yup 18:07
hiemanshu mizmo: Fedora+inkscape, the only path to heaven eh? 18:07
* onekopaka opens Inkscape on his *gasp* mac! 18:07
onekopaka wait, where is inkscape? 18:08
* onekopaka lost Inkscape 18:08
* onekopaka gets it 18:08
mizmo onekopaka: even thousands 18:08
mizmo hiemanshu: it is :) 18:08
mizmo inkscape => world peace 18:08
* onekopaka curses 18:09
hiemanshu do we have anything else left? 18:09
onekopaka I have to upgrade my X11 on my mac to run Inkscape 18:09
stickster onekopaka: Can I ask a question about the URL for 18:09
the legal export notice?
hiemanshu onekopaka: endmeeting? 18:09
onekopaka stickster: yes 18:09
hiemanshu stickster: sure 18:09
onekopaka hiemanshu: not endmeeting. 18:09
stickster Someone noted that this was approved. Is there a 18:09
URL link for the approval and who gave it?
stickster This is useful for later 18:09
onekopaka stickster: mizmo said it looked like what the lawyers want. 18:10
mizmo stickster: i had floated the idea by the lawyer via 18:10
spot before and he replied saying it owuld be okay
stickster OK, so this hasn't specifically been approved by 18:10
any legal eagles yet?
mizmo stickster: i can forward that mail to you if you want 18:11
stickster Oh yes, that would be great. 18:11
mizmo stickster: that mockup wasn't specifically approved 18:11
but a tet description of it was
mizmo s/tet/text 18:11
onekopaka stickster: do you need the link again? 18:11
stickster onekopaka: I have sijis's URL above 18:11
onekopaka stickster: good. 18:11
stickster mizmo: OK, that helps 18:11
stickster mizmo: Can you forward to me and poelcat? 18:12
mizmo stickster: no prob, ill do that right now 18:12
onekopaka so anything else? 18:13
hiemanshu nope 18:13
onekopaka so the panda is totally going to be at least a 18:14
visual aid for the visitors
mizmo panda!!!!! 18:14
onekopaka the panda already points stuff out on the page 18:15
* hiemanshu thinks a panda pointing with a bamboo would look better 18:15
mizmo hiemanshu: ahhh that's a great idea! 18:15
onekopaka #agreed The panda is here to stay to at least 18:18
point stuff out with his bamboo
hiemanshu onekopaka: i think we can end 18:18
onekopaka so #endmeeting? 18:18
hiemanshu anyone got anything else? 18:18
hiemanshu onekopaka: no answer in next 30 secs means yes 18:18
onekopaka #endmeeting 18:19

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