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Show us

Think you can do better than we have on our websites? Prove it! We love suggestions and mockups, they get us thinking about our sites and every suggestion will make our site a little better.

Get Started

Here's the easiest way for someone not on the web team to make a better page and show it to us (not as root account).

sudo dnf -y install git gettext python-genshi python-setuptools python-dateutil python-dogpile-cache babel python-feedparser
sudo dnf -y groups install "Web Server"
git clone
cd fedora-websites/

After the make completes successfully and the website will now be available in your /out/ directory. We're in the process of moving the rest of our websites to this setup. When you have changes ready post them somewhere! Your storage site is a PERFECT place to put your git changes, and it allows us to easily pull them in. If you don't have a account, you'll need to post your changes somewhere and let us know.

Getting a Local Test Instance

When setting up a local test instance, some specific apache configuration is necessary to serve translations properly. If you have httpd installed, you can automatically bring up a test instance at http://localhost:5000/ with:

make test

To stop the test instance afterwards, run:

make stoptest

Pushing to the Repo

Later on, when you gain commit access, you'll need to change your remote URL to enable pushing. Run:

git remote set-url origin ssh://


  • username is your Fedora Account System username