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We don't use CVS for packages anymore

This is the home of the initiative to document how to gain access to all Fedora Project source. This includes all software code, art work, documentation, and more. Also, we will show how to gain access to information from within the Fedora Project that is used to make decisions within the organization.

Software Source Code

View the source
List available source
cvs -d co -c
Get the source
cvs -d co <source_package_name>
OR install Package-x-generic-16.pngyum-utils and run yumdownloader --source <package_name>
Use the source
Follow this procedure:
  1. Run the command rpm -ivh <filename.src.rpm>.
  2. Look in your ~/rpmbuild directory for the source code archive and additional files and patches in ~/rpmbuild/SOURCES and the specfile that defines the building of the RPM in ~/rpmbuild/SPECS.
  3. To explode the archive and apply the patches so you can browse the code, run rpmbuild -bp ~/rpmbuild/SPECS/<package>.spec and then look in ~/rpmbuild/BUILD.


New documentation

Refer to the documentation itself for information on how to browse or retrieve the source code.

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Obsolete (legacy) documentation

View the source
List available source
cvs -d co -c
Get the source
cvs -d co <module_name>




Many discussions dealing with decision making take place on one of our listservs. You should be able read all the discussions without logging in.