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Common Wiki Elements

This page holds various elements (media) that could be reusable throughout the wiki such as banners, icons, HTML code, etc. Its purpose is to encourage code and media re-use by serving as a placeholder for such resourecs.

Message boxes

We've got some common ways to raise the message in a web page. Following are examples of message boxes, each one saying things of varying importance.

Hey, I'm a note. Just reminding you, in case you forgot.
I'm a box with a notice. Slightly louder than the previous guy.
I'm the guy that you don't want to hear me saying "I told you this would happen."
Stop (medium size).png
Don't listen to me and you might hurt yourself. Badly.
If you see me, you could die shortly. Maybe even before I finish what I'm saying.

The code for the above is like the following:

{{Admon/note |  A note}}

{{Admon/tip | A tip}}

{{Admon/important | An important message}}

{{Admon/caution | A cautionary message}}

{{Admon/warning | The ultimate warning}}

Titles and multi-line message boxes

Message boxes can have titles as well:

Main text...
Even more text...


{{Admon/note | Main text... | Even more text...}}


Nothing here should be considered a "standard", unless this notice is removed.

Various icons and small images that some pages on the wiki use. We aim for simple names that convey the meaning of the icon/emblem.

Images Name Description Example
WikiElements meetingM.png WikiElements meetingL.png meeting.png Used for meetings, schedules etc. Docs meetings
WikiElements archiveM.png archive.png Used for archiving stuff (meeting minutes, etc)
WikiElements notesM.png notes.png Used for meeting minutes, notes, etc.
WikiElements questionS.png WikiElements questionM.png question.png Used to mark warnings and important notices.
WikiElements importantS.png WikiElements importantM.png important.png Used to mark notices, messages, etc.
WikiElements warningS.png WikiElements warningM.png warning.png Used to mark warnings and important notices.
WikiElements stopS.png WikiElements stopM.png stop.png Used to mark serious warnings.
WikiElements flagsXS.png WikiElements flagsS.png WikiElements flagsM.png WikiElements flagsL.png flags.png Used to denote translations.


  • Letters after the name mean: S=24px, M=48px, L=64px+.
  • Most of the icons are from the Echo icon set . The translations icon was done by DiegoZacarao.

To use them, you can write something like the following, depending on whether you want a small (S), medium (M), or large image (L):


For example, for a medium-sized meeting icon:


Capstrat banners

Capstrat, the designer of the Fedora logo, has produced the following graphics for use with the assorted Fedora projects. These images have not been endorsed by the Fedora Artwork or Fedora Websites teams.

WikiElements Fedora Wiki Headers 0000 Fedora Legacy.jpg

WikiElements Fedora Wiki Headers 0001 Fedora Web.jpg

WikiElements Fedora Wiki Headers 0002 Fedora Infrastructure.jpg

WikiElements Fedora Wiki Headers 0003 Fedora Directory Server.jpg

WikiElements Fedora Wiki Headers 0004 Fedora Ambassadors.jpg

WikiElements Fedora Wiki Headers 0005 Fedora Documentation.jpg

WikiElements Fedora Wiki Headers 0006 Fedora Extras.jpg

WikiElements Fedora Wiki Headers 0007 Fedora Core.jpg

WikiElements Fedora Wiki Headers 0008 Fedora Mentors.jpg

Web page design

If you are designing a web page, consider this look-and feel:

Two basic designs in these files:

WikiElements fpo-design-front.png WikiElements fpo-design-interior.png

A Fedora community member also created these:


Downloadable Files