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Apprentice Workday TBD - after F24 Release at #fedora-admin

Apprentices can work together or separately with guidance from masters on various apprentice tasks. Participation is not mandatory, and is open to anyone active in the fi-apprentice group (or any other Fedora Infrastructure team for that matter.) If you have been hesitant or unsure where to get started, this will be a great opportunity to roll your sleeves up and get going. We will focus on updating ansible group variables for CSI standards, infrastructure documentation, and easyfix tickets.

Apprentice Things to do before Apprentice workday

Apprentice Things to do on Apprentice workday

To get started, check in on our IRC channel #fedora-admin. Find out what people are working on or need help with, then jump in. Below are some ideas;

  • Become an apprentice!
  • Update group variables in ansible for CSI standards for machines that don't have any listed.
    • Look at the ansible repo under inventory/group_vars/ for groups without CSI information.
  • Propose patches to update doc templates
  • Work on an Easy Fix Ticket

Master Things to do before Apprentice workday

  • Triage some tickets to make them easier/easyfix
  • Think of other resources for apprentices to review
  • Consider a topic for a lightning chat (or other format) to give on Apprentice workday

Master Things to do on Apprentice workday

  • Generally be available in irc
  • Give a brief education chat in irc