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XPilot is a multiplayer network space arcade game available for FC4 and FC5.

%description: A highly addictive, infinitely configurable multiplayer space arcade game. You pilot a spaceship around space, dodging obstacles, shooting players and bots, collecting power-ups, and causing general mayhem.

There are two packages for xpilot: client and server. The client package is required to actually play xpilot. The client must connect to a server in order to run; it will not run standalone. Fortunately, there are many public xpilot servers available that you can select from when you start the client. The client package is called xpilot-ng and will install desktop launchers in the Games menu. Two xpilot clients are installed. The first uses simple X11 vector graphics and pixmaps. The second uses SDL to display nice looking images for ships and other game items.

The server package is xpilot-ng-server. You can install this independent of the client. This allows you to run a dedicated server on a box separate from the desktop where you will run the client.

Installation instructions


The xpilot client can be started using the desktop icons. After installing the server package, the xpilot server can be started with the command


Configuration for the xpilot client, including key bindings and display options, is stored in $HOME/.xpilotrc. This file is not created automatically, and xpilot will run just fine without it. See xpilot-ng-x11 for a list of the client-side options.

Configuration for the xpilot server is stored in two locations. /etc/sysconfig/xpilot-ng-server is used to specify options for the server process itself and is read by the /etc/init.d/xpilot-ng-server boot script. /etc/xpilot-ng/defaults.txt contains the game-specific defaults for the server. This is where you can set the seemingly endless number of game options such as gravity, bouncing rules, scoring options, etc. Read the xpilot-ng-server(6) man page for a complete description of all of the various options.


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