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我们正在寻找专门的和有精力的人加入有趣的 Fedora 的基础设施团队。需要做哪些有趣的东西呢?

  • 收集许多 Fedora 开发者的建议,帮助修复系统问题。
  • 运行的服务器,使 Fedora 项目成为可能
  • 创建新的自定义应用程序,帮助开发人员具有更高的开发效率
  • 建设工具,加强和发展 Fedora 社区


  • 与其他辛勤工作的开发者友好相处,并帮助他们做他们喜欢的
  • 知道如何写用于系统管理的脚本
  • 知道如何使用 Python 和 SQL 或同等技术写 Web 应用程序( ***我们尤其使用在这一领域的技能*** )
  • 知道 Fedora 项目如何在幕后工作

Other pluses

  • 具有系统管理经验
  • Have access to your own testing machines for testing and proof of concepts (Huge plus! Our resources are limited, especially for testing)
  • 工作在 Fedora 其他领域,像打包装或文档项目



  • 订阅 Fedora 基础设施电子邮件清单
  • 申请一个 Fedora 的 帐户,并签署 CLA 协议
  • 发送一份自我介绍到 Fedora 的基础设施电子邮件清单,包括您的经验和技能水平(请不要忘记这一点! )
  • 熟悉维基上的基础设施部分(特别是 时间表页面)
  • 每周在 IRC 上参加会议
  • 一旦您熟悉团队并认识一些人,花一些时间选择一个FIG
  • Now the most important step Get Sponsored. Find sponsors in the FIG you've selected and keep bugging them until someone says yes. You constantly coming back and saying I want to help says a lot about you. We're currently low on sponsors so being around and offering help is your way of saying "I'm serious, and I'm ready to commit"

Even if you don't want to be involved on a regular basis at this point, please feel free to watch over things and report bugs and RFEs as you see fit. Showing interest now is a great way to make it easier to join the team's activities later.


The team itself consists of volunteer and Red Hat members. Our preferred method of communication is on in #fedora-admin though we also heavily use the fedora-infrastructure-list. We try to be as transparent as possible though when security is involved we'll use our private list.

New members are encouraged to join the list and attend a few meetings before they request sponsorship. Getting a feel for how the group works is important.