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These are the types of content that we want to support in Zikula. It also includes the requirements to produce the content using 100% free software that is in Fedora repositories. If a recommended tool is not yet in Fedora, work should commence to get it packaged.

Content-type table

Sources for this information include under the CC BY 3.0 Unported license.

MIME-type File extension(s) Name Uses
text/html .html HTML Markup language
plain/text, text/plain .txt Text Plain text, which may be structured
image/jpeg .jpg, .jpeg JPEG Image format for photographs
image/png .png PNG Open image format
image/gif .gif GIF Limited color palette image format
text/xml .xml XML Markup language for documents
text/sgml .sgml SGML Markup language, largely replaced by XML
application/pdf, application/x-pdf .pdf PDF Documents ready for printing and viewing, held in the PostScript format in a compressed PDF container
application/ogg .ogx Ogg Multiplex Profile Container for logical bitstreams
video/ogg .ogv Ogg Video Profile covers e.g. Theora, Theora + Vorbis, Theora + Speex, Theora + FLAC, Dirac + Vorbis, MNG + FLAC, OggUVS inside Ogg
video/theora .theora? Theora Theora video without container
audio/ogg .oga Ogg Audio Profile Covers Ogg FLAC, Ghost, and OggPCM
audio/vorbis .vorbis? Vorbis Vorbis audio without container
audio/ogg .ogg Ogg Vorbis I Profile .ogg applies now for Vorbis I files only
audio/ogg .spx Ogg Speex Profile .spx has traditionally been used for Speex files within Ogg and should be considered for backwards-compatibility
audio/speex .spx? Speex Speex speech audio without container
audio/flac .flac Flac FLAC in native encapsulation format
application/annodex .anx Annodex Used for annotating multimedia content; profile for multiplexed Ogg that includes a skeleton track and at least one CMML logical bitstream
audio/annodex .axa Annodex Profile for audio in Annodex; covers e.g. Vorbis, Speex, FLAC, Ghost, OggPCM inside Ogg with Skeleton and CMML
video/annodex .axv Annodex Profile for video in Annodex; covers e.g. Theora, Theora + Vorbis, Theora + Speex, Theora + FLAC, Dirac + Vorbis, MNG + FLAC, OggUVS inside Ogg with Skeleton and CMML
application/xspf+xml .xspf XSPF XML Shareable Playlist Format (XSPF), pronounced "spiff", is a next-generation playlist format for digital media such as songs in Vorbis or MP3 format.
application/kate .ogx Kate Binary representation of Kate encapsulated in Ogg; Kate is a separate stream for subtitles, etc.
audio/flac .flac? FLAC FLAC without and in native container
text/cmml .cmml? CMML CMML without container; this is a markup language for content, cf. HTML
text/kate .kate Kate Textual representation of Kate (.kate files)

Text (plain)

Text (rich)

Hypertext (rich)

Document (PDF)

Document (office)


Audio transcriptions


Video transcriptions



A screencast is a video capture of a computer session (graphical or command line), which may include audio, transcript, or instructions written on the screen in a text editor.


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