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如果您曾經遺失或忘記你的 Fedora 帳號系統的密碼, 請到 登入畫面 並選擇 "忘記密碼?" 以開始重新獲得的步驟。

Fedora 帳號系統

這個 Fedora 帳號系統 持續記錄了Fedora 計畫的貢獻人員以及他們所貢獻的項目。它被用來授予認證和為各種組件授權。目前主要包括各種 CVS 倉庫 以及 Bugzilla


初步的 帳號 頁面有以下的連結:


Account System Internals

  • Exporting the email aliases happens hourly, on the hour on bastion.
  • Exporting CVS and shell accounts happens hourly, shortly after :30 on various boxes.
  • Exporting the Bugzilla fedora_contrib group from the 'fedorabugs' group happens hourly, on the hour on ElliotLee's personal workstation inside Red Hat.

The account system code is available at git:// The project page is at

FAQ 常見問題

我是否需要在 Fedora 帳號系統裡有一個帳號?

許多 Fedora 的子計畫要求每一個貢獻者需要在 Fedora 帳號系統裡擁有一個帳號。如果你沒有想要對 Fedora 計畫有所貢獻,您不需要建立一個帳號。如果您需要並行版本控制系統 CVS 的寫入權限或希望參與使用 Fedora 帳戶系統進行管理的計畫,您就需要創建一個帳號。

除此之外,Fedora 計畫現在依據 Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License 3.0 Unported 創意公用授權條款來授權所有的內容,使用者可以複製、散佈、顯示及展出作品,但須提及原作者;同時源自本作品之衍生著作亦需遵照此授權條款。因此貢獻到 Fedora 維基百科 ( 和 Fedora 文件計畫 需要一個 Fedora 帳號且必需簽署貢獻者許可協議(CLA)。


這是一項協議,藉由確認全部的 Fedora 計畫貢獻者都有經過適當的通過授權程序以維持 Fedora 是自由且開放原始碼的狀態。Fedora 計畫和 Red Hat 紅帽公司為貢獻者提供了各種的保護,欲了解更多信息,請參閱有關 法律 的章節。

什麼是SSH 的金鑰,為什麼我需要一個?

SSH , short for Secure SHell, allows cryptographically authenticated and encrypted connections between computers. SSH is used to tunnel CVS connections for the Fedora Project. Anytime you use CVS with the Fedora Project, the transaction will be performed through an SSH connection. Your SSH key will identify you to the CVS servers, and host keys on the CVS servers will allow your computer to verify the remote server, too. An SSH key is only needed if you are planning on contributing source code or content, working on Fedora Project website pages or using

See Cryptography


New group memberships require approval from the group administrator or a group sponsor. Different groups handle this differently. See the appropriate project pages for the group for the specific process. Some projects, such as PackageMaintainers, will require you to have a dedicated sponsor or complete a certain procedure. Other groups may grant your request as soon as they get around to it.


Send an email to the address at the bottom of this page, or file a ticket in the Account System Trac.

我如何完成 CLA?

See How to sign CLA


Contact the management.



If you wish to deactivate your account for some reason, simply edit your account to remove all personal information, and mark the account as "Inactive."

Marking an account inactive
Once you mark your account inactive, you will be unable to use it for any authentication in Fedora. Make sure this is what you want to do before deactivating the account!


Malicious usage may result in account termination. Individuals using multiple accounts without prior written approval will have all but one account terminated.

Users will be warned by email before any accounts are terminated