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(Funding Required)
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== Funding Required ==
== Funding Required ==
# [https://fedorahosted.org/famsco/ticket/211 T-shirt and related]
# [https://fedorahosted.org/famsco/ticket/211 T-shirt and related]
== Event Photos ==
== Prepared Meeting Minutes ==
== Prepared Meeting Minutes ==

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A general introduction of FAD can be found here.

When & Where

15 October 2011 in Beihang University, Beijing, on China Open Source Week Communities Day the China Open Source Week (11-17 October 2011)


Click here to take after event survey!

Event owners


Name Fas Name Email Location Topic Evening Fun
Harish Pillay User:harishpillay hpillay@redhat.com Singapore State of the Community Anything
Gerard Braad User:gbraad me@gbraad.nl Beijing Mozilla Firefox HTML5
Hongqing, YANG User:Hongqing hoyang@redhat.com Beijing None
Tommy He User:Lovenemesis tommy.he@linux.com Xi'an Transifex Yes
Zhao Tao User:Alick alick9188@gmail.com Beijing TeX Live Yes
Caius Chance (join broadcast only) User:Kaio me@kaio.net Brisbane No No
Tiansworld User:Tiansworld tiansworld@fedoraproject.org Tianjin No No
Aron Xu User:Aron aron@fedoraproject.org Beijing No No
Wei Guo vicre.guo@gmail.com Beijing No Yes
Jackie Lee User:jackielee jackielee524@gmail.com Beijing No Yes
Rui He User:Rhe rhe@fedoraproject.org Beijing No
Amos Kong User:Kongove kongjianjun@gmail.com Beijing No
Mike Cao User:vipmike007 vipmike007@gmail.com Beijing No
Peng Wu User:pwu pwu@redhat.com Beijing undecided
DeShi Xiao User:Xds2000 dxiao@redhat.com Beijing undecided
James Ni User:jamesni kent.neo@gmail.com Beijing No
Xuetian Weng User:csslayer wengxt@gmail.com Beijing No Yes
Caspar Zhang User:caspar caspar@casparzhang.com Beijing No
Vincent Li User:ruconse ruconse@gmail.com Beijing No
York Wong User:ethinx eth2net@gmail.com Beijing No
Tim Liu User:maikanuodi070 maikanuodi@hotmail.com Beijing No
Jaylin Zhou User:jaylin jaylin.zhou@gmail.com Beijing No
Botu Sun User:botus bosun@redhat.com Beijing No Yes
Tao Wu User:Wutao85 fedosu85@gmail.com Beijing No Yes
Yu Chen User:jcome jcomee@gmail.com Guangdong Synfig Studio
Xiaoran Zhao User:zxrlha zxrlha@gmail.com Beijing No
Tong Hui User:tonghuix tonghuix@gmail.com Beijing No Yes
Kou Zuyang User:leafduo leafduo@gmail.com Beijing No Maybe
Mary leimei010@gmail.com Beijing No Maybe
William lichun.william@gmail.com Beijing No Maybe
VF22 xiaohuanbear@gmail.com Beijing No Yes
mathslinux riegamaths@gmail.com Beijing No Maybe
Edison Zhao edison0354@gmail.com Beijing No Maybe
Jian Qiu qiujian2008@gmail.com Beijing No Maybe
Tengkai Cui cuitengkai@126.com Beijing No Maybe
Cheer Xiao xiaqqaix@gmail.com Beijing No Maybe
Michael.Cho zuow11@gmail.com Beijing No Maybe
Yuan Chen yuanotes@gmail.com Beijing No Yes
Wei Mu heavanmade1201@gmail.com Beijing No Yes
Jian Wen wenjianhn@gmail.com Beijing No Maybe
Jahweh Yoda jhwhbd@gmail.com Beijing No Maybe
Hongyu Du dongfengweixiao@gmail.com Beijing No Maybe
Adam Lee adam8157@gmail.com Beijing No Maybe
Yang Hamo Bai hamo.by@gmail.com Beijing No Maybe
Qingtang Zhou User:Qzhou zhouqt@gmail.com Beijing No Maybe
Wei He wei.he.stkm@gmail.com Beijing No Maybe
Yue Liu yue.liu@mail.com Beijing No Maybe
Heda Wang whd08@mails.tsinghua.edu.cn Beijing No Maybe
Mingjian Li 1n4j10@gmail.com Beijing No No
Ann Ren annren0924@gmail.com Beijing No Maybe
Kai Li likaihere@gmail.com Beijing No Maybe
Xin Yue yuecn41@gmail.com Beijing No Maybe
Shuo Wang wang-s02@mails.thu.edu.cn Beijing No Maybe
Yu Peng User:yupeng820921 yupeng0921@gmail.com Beijing No Maybe
Fayu Jiang jiangfayu@gmail.com Beijing No Yes
Xiaoqing Wei User: weixq316 weixq316@gmail.com Beijing No Maybe
Mocheng Xiang User:xiangmocheng xmc@xiangmocheng.com Beijing No No
Jin Li qlijin@gmail.com Beijing No Maybe
Xiaolei Ren xiaolei.ren@nufront.com Beijing No Maybe
Handong Zhu zhuhandong@cn.creativecommons.org Beijing No Maybe
Xiaodong Xu xxdlhy@gmail.com Nanchong No Yes
Yuanchun Shang User:Ideal idealities@gmail.com Beijing No Maybe
Ping Liu liuping@cn.creativecommons.org Beijing No Maybe
Hao Chen chenhao@cn.creativecommons.org Beijing No Maybe
Xinwei Yang aldebaran.ye@gmail.com Beijing No Maybe
Minghui Du ukyoi@msn.com Beijing No Maybe
Peipei Sun sunbeibei@cn.creativecommons.org Beijing No Maybe
Shihua Zhang zsh111222@126.com Beijing No Maybe
Zhenpeng Ding sknice@163.com Beijing No Maybe

High-Level Schedule

Time Activity
09:00~10:00 Arrival/Registration
10:10~12:30 Morning Talk
12:40~14:20 Lunch Pizza
14:30~17:50 Afternoon workshop and unconference
18:00 Leaving
19:00~22:00 Evening Fun

Topics and Agenda

Activity Topic Presenter
Morning Talk State of the Community Harish Pillay
Afternoon workshop and unconference Translation using Transifex Tommy He & Tiansworld
KDE Plasma Widget Explore CSSlayer
Synfig Studio Intro and Demo jcome
Texlive Hands-on alick


  • Video feed

(NEEDLOVE: IRC? channel name? video streaming?)


Lunch @ Big Pizza

Evening Fun is open to discuss!

Funding Required

  1. T-shirt and related

Event Photos

Prepared Meeting Minutes

  1. 2011-07-08
  2. 2011-07-15
  3. 2011-07-29
  4. 2011-09-16
  5. 2011-09-30