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= Packaging =
= Packaging =
== New Package Process ==
== New Package Process ==
* Please use [ cabal-rpm] (which replaces cabal2spec) to generate packages for submitting a [ package review request].
* Please use [ cabal-rpm] (which replaced cabal2spec) to generate packages for submitting a [ package review request].
** It should follow the current [[Packaging:Haskell|Haskell Packaging Guidelines]].
** It should follow the current [[Packaging:Haskell|Haskell Packaging Guidelines]].
* You can use cabal-rpm-diff when reviewing packages to check differences from the templates.
* You can use cabal-rpm-diff when reviewing packages to check differences from the templates.

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The mission of the Haskell Special Interest Group is to maintain, grow, and guide the packaging of Haskell projects in Fedora.


Mailing lists

We have two mailing-lists:


We have an #fedora-haskell[?] channel on .


Follow us on Twitter.

Haskell Platform support

  • F20 has haskell-platform-2013.2.0.0 with ghc-7.6.3
  • F19 has haskell-platform-2012.4.0.0 with ghc-7.4.2
  • F18 has haskell-platform-2012.2.0.0 with ghc-7.4.1
  • EPEL6 has haskell-platform-2011.4.0.0 and ghc-7.0.4
  • EPEL5 has ghc-6.12.3

Please see the Haskell Platform page for more information about Fedora's Haskell Platform support. Detailed package information can be found on the Fedora Packages page.


  • Changes/YesodWebFramework
  • docsbeat
  • update GHC_Update_SOP when bootstrapping ghc-7.8
  • fedora-review haskell plugin
  • submit Haskell_Spin to Spins SIG?
  • repoquery wrapper for (reverse-)dependencies
  • cabal-rpm: recursive support
  • automate rebuilds in koji or mock-build (see rebuild scripts in haskell-sig.git)
  • Add %check sections for packages that have tests available
  • Better tool to check for dependency breakage for version updates: packdeps reverse and cblrepo exist
  • Automatically updated package dependency graphs.
  • Continuous build integration to automate build testing (see upstream stackage project)
  • Koji supports maven now. It could have support for cabal as well.


New Package Process

Package reviews

Open haskell-devel package reviews can be split by Whiteboard into:

Other links:


Non-review bugs can be split into:

All open Haskell bugs

See also the package review links in the Packaging section.

Current packages in Fedora

Haskell SIG packages in pkgdb

See package interdependencies for dependency graphs.


Info on singleton libraries.

Active SIG Members

Package owners or comaintainers:


Previous contributors:


  • 2013-12-17: Fedora 20 ships with ghc-7.6.3 and packages following the revised Packaging Guidelines
  • 2013-07-02: Fedora 19 ships with ghc-7.4.2
  • 2013-01-15: Fedora 18 ships with ghc-7.4.1
  • 2012-05-29: Fedora 17 ships with Haskell Platform 2011.4.0.0
  • 2012-02-14: new haskell mailing-list for discussion
  • 2011-11-08: Fedora 16 ships with ghc-7.0.4 and all prof subpackages merged into devel
  • 2011-06-01: Fedora 15 ships with ghc-7.0.2
  • 2010-12-05: Fedora packages now listed on
  • 2010-11-02: Fedora 14 ships: all doc subpackages merged into devel
  • 2010-05-25: Fedora 13 ships with ghc-6.12.1 and shared ghc libraries
  • 2010-01-10: fedora-haskell-list becomes haskell-devel list at fedoraproject
  • 2009-09-29: haskell-platform added for f12
  • 2009-04-15: revised Packaging Guidelines accepted
  • 2008-09-17: initial Packaging Guidelines approved
  • 2008-02-13: fedora-haskell-list started
  • 2007-05-10: Fedora SIG formed
  • 2005-02-21: mailing-list starts
  • 2004-08-03: original Fedora Haskell project starts