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Fedora Pakistan

Fedora Pakistan wiki page is a place where you can find all the information about Fedora Pakistan Projects and Fedora Contributors in Pakistan.



Are you new to IRC? Check our IRC Premier.

On IRC join us at #fedora-pakistan channel at Freenode server. Read it to know how to maximize the support you receive from IRC.


For upcoming meeting schedule and previous meeting logs/minutes visit Meetings.

Mailing List

Join Fedora Pakistan Mailing List. All members are requested to follow these Mailing list Etiquette

Fedora Events



Free Media

Before you fill in the form, please remember that this program runs with limited resources. We ask that you use the form only if you cannot download media, attend an event, or get media elsewhere such as from an Ambassador, online vendor or local vendor. By limiting form usage to people who are truly in need, we can make sure that our efforts are properly prioritized. As this is a voluntary effort we provide home made media, do not expect elaborated labels and printing. Thank you!

Here is the FreeMedia form. If you receive a CLOSED message, it means that we have filled all the requests we can handle this month, and you can try again next month.

Or Send a request for freemedia to an ambassador near you.

Art Work

Collection of Some Wallpapers.

Wallpaper Created by Zohair Raza for Fedora-Pakistan
Wallpaper Created by Zohair Raza for Fedora-Pakistan