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Meeting Time






  • (revisit) enabling desktop effects by default for F11
    • effects are disabled by default for F11
    • kde-settings need to be updated
    • kde-sig is praying for KPersonalizer comeback ;-)
  • package split status: -akonadi, -python
    • -akonadi splits by rdieter and -python splits by than
    • we need more space for live CD => more splitting?
    • thans split of -googlegadgets subpackage from kdebase-workspace
    • kdeartwork goes away from live CD
    • system-config-printer is going to be replaced by system-config-printer-kde
    • PolicyKit-gnome is going to be replaced by PolicyKit-KDE
    • system configs and PolKit-gnome dragging too many deps
  • kde 4.2 feature status
    • koffice 2
      • for F12 or ship it in F11? or ship some parts of KOffice 1 & KOffice 2? even without 100% support from upstream?
    • nm-plasmoid
      • still under review, we need it ASAP to test it
    • PolicyKit-kde
      • bug report for alternative PolicyKit frontends [1]
      • Bug tracker for the hardcoded PolicyKit-gnome deps [2]
  • bugs
    • acpid again
      • we don't have better solution now how to check for PowerDevil
    • duplicate files with kdelibs3 [3]
    • qt 45 bugs
      • kmail crashes when text is selected in composer window [4]
        • already fixed in Qt-4.5 snapshot - closing as upstream
      • requires XML parser feature qt has renamed [5]
        • hight priority, breaks builds
        • qt & kdesdk fixes

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5]


(These comments are written after the meeting)