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The Package Monkey SIG consists of interested maintainers that want to maintain packages together in an easy, less bureaucratic way.


The Package Monkey SIG should allow maintainers to co-maintain packages without a high burden of bureaucraticy. The packages owned by this SIG are meant to be maintained together by all SIG members and any interested Provenpackager. Everyone can fix packages or handle bug reports without having to ask for permission. The members of the SIG will make sure that bug reports are not ignored.

Implementation Ideas

* Create a mailing list for the SIG, that gets all the mails a normal package maintainer would get. This is probably like the setup of the lvm-team
* There are no further ACL restrictions needed, any Provenpackager who wants to fix something in any package can just do it.  

In case there are problems with coordination

* Use Upstream_Release_Monitoring and document any knowledge against updating a certain package in the created ticket
* Maybe use per package README.txt files in the SCM to document

Initial Members

* [User:Till]