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Contributing roles in the Ambassadors Project

Contributing roles
The roles below are only a suggestion for contributing. You can contribute in many different ways, limited by your imagination only.

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People Person

Joining the Fedora Ambassadors Project

If you are interested in joining Ambassadors, we would love to have you.

Who are we?

Fedora Ambassadors are experienced contributors to the Fedora Project who are responsible for representing, promoting, and expanding the Fedora Project and its ideals to the larger F/LOSS community and the public at large.

Where are they?

Fedora Ambassadors are all over the world, as you can see from the following pages:

Fedora Ambassadors Map Fedora Ambassadors Membership Verification

More details about specific areas: APAC, EMEA, EMEA Africa, LATAM, or NA.

Getting stuff

Here are a list of trac ticketing systems. File a ticket to the appropriate trac when you need anything.

Region Link
FAmSCo (global) FAmSCo Trac
Europe (EMEA) EMEA Trac
North America (NA) FAmNA Trac
India India Operations Trac
Asia Pacific (APAC) APAC Trac
Latin America (LATAM) ?????

Meetings / Mailing list / IRC

Meetings Mailing list IRC
Regional meetings are very important to the project, because they allow local Ambassadors to communicate with each other. See the meetings page for details. The global Ambassadors mailing list is critical for collaboration. Please have a look at the mailing list guidelines. The #fedora-ambassadors channel on IRC is the best place to go.

General information

Ambassadors Project Events Misc
Fedora Ambassadors Membership Service
Campus Ambassadors
Code of conduct
Ambassadors FAQ
Fedora Project Email Aliases
Fedora Events
Organizing events and Event reports
Sponsoring event attendees
Swag vendors
Fedora presentations
Business cards
Ambassadors polo shirt and button-up shirt
Ambassador metrics
Customs letter

Fedora Ambassadors Steering Committee

FAmSCo's mission is to provide the governance and support structure necessary to assist and enable Fedora Ambassadors worldwide.