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The overall budget from Red Hat for this event is $15,000. This is a HARD limit.


Into this total we must fit the following requirements:

  • Lunch on Saturday
  • Refreshments on Friday and Sunday
  • Travel and lodging for the following people. (total 7255)
  • FUDPub on Saturday night (food + 1 beverage?)
  • Setup costs for venue
    • Room costs?
    • Security/facility monitor?
    • A/V?
    • Wifi networking setup?

7255 + 5900 = 13,155 so far

Why food for some, not for others? Red Hat folks get a per diem. A couple other people get per diem because they're not dayjobbers and don't typically have those expenses either.


This is based on a total attendance of ~120 people.

Day Line Item Expected Cost Notes
Fri Snacks 800 Coffee, tea, soft drinks, water
Sat Snacks 800 Coffee, tea, soft drinks, water
Lunch 1,500 Sandwiches, pizza, or something like that. Will include vegetarian!
FUDPub 2,000 Some sort of dinner food, plus one beverage
Sun Danish? 800 Coffee, tea, soft drinks, water
TOTAL 5,900 So far.