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We will hold a 3-day FUDCon a few weeks after the release of Fedora 10, to celebrate the occasion and kick off development of Fedora 11.

If you have questions, please contact the event's organizer -- Paul W. Frields.

The FUDCon will include two days of hackfests and a day of BarCamp. All days will be located at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Tang Center (E51), in Cambridge, MA USA.

Wireless is available at MIT. Use the ESSID "MIT GUEST" and you should be good to go.


OpenStreetMap of area nearby MIT Bldg E51, Tang Center

MIT's classroom inventory page


Friday, Sunday hackfest hours: 10:00am-6:00pm
Saturday BarCamp hours: 9:00am-5:00pm

Event Reports

An archive of blog posts about FUDCon is being maintained here.

Current Attendees

PRE-REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED FOR FUDCON BOSTON 2009. You can still attend without being pre-registered! FUDCon is open and free for everyone.

The list of preregistrants has moved to this page.

Daily Schedule

Thursday, January 8

FUDCon does not start until Friday. Thursday is when most non-local travelers will want to make their travel plans.

Friday, January 9

Status scratchpad

LOCATION : Tang Center at MIT (E51).

TIME : Hackfest Sessions Begin at 10:00 a.m. each day.

FUDCon is free to attend. You do not need to pre-register to attend, but pre-registration gives us a better idea of how to plan for food and space.

Hackfest sessions

Add a hackfest!
ANYONE can run a hackfest, including you! Just pick a topic near and dear to your heart which you'd like to improve with a little elbow grease.
Session Name Session Leader General Plan
Build an AmbassadorKit Clint Savage / David Nalley / John Rose Design and build an entire AmbassadorKit
Package Grouping - the future of comps.xml Jon Stanley Discuss the future of comps.xml and package grouping for packaging frontends
Booting Bill Nottingham It's time to boot fast
Docs Project Karsten Wade and Paul W. Frields It's time to kick Docs Project in the tush. All processes should be documented by the time we get to FUDCon; if not, we'll document them where they stand. Then we'll assess, figure out what needs changing, and DO IT. Starting with this list of tasks
SELinux Policy Dan Walsh Writing SELinux policy. Pick your favorite daemon, cgi script or user app, and see if we can write a policy to confine it. I will have a list of daemons that currently do not have SELinux policy in Fedora, if you just want to try to write policy.
fedora-event-splash Ian Weller / Clint Savage / Yaakov Nemoy Starting work on fedora-event-splash, a future tool for Ambassadors that are at/holding events and would like some additional marketing tools. Join if you're interested. [1]
Giving wikilove Ian Weller Fix as many pages that need love as possible. Also other tasks in cooperation with the Docs Project tasks. The Docs Project will be providing one-on-one help with developers and other writers on the wiki for help with cleaning up and gardening their pages at FUDConF11. This is a great opportunity to become part of the great wiki reorganization effort taken on by Docs -- and we could use your help!
Fedora security Kevin Fenzi discussion about security updates process, fixing outstanding security bugs, being more proactive about searching for problems, etc.
EPEL improvements Kevin Fenzi Where do we take EPEL from here? How to get involved, update pushes, push for koji inclusion, and more!
Push mirroring Matt Domsch Fedora mirrors currently use rsync to poll for updates. We need a push mirror system (ala Debian) to notify mirrors when new content is available to sync. Will discuss how we can get there before F11.
Offtrac Jesse Keating Offtrac is a python API to interfacing with Trac project spaces via xmlrpc. The API could use some work, I'd love to work on getting it integrated with Makefile.common for doing things like 'make tag-request'
Automated QA Jesse Keating It's high time we insert some form of automated QA into our build processes and push processes. I'll be looking for ideas and thoughts on where and what to insert.
koji Dennis Gilmore Koji wants to do cool new things but needs to be taught how. This session will be on teaching koji how to play with Secondary Archs, how to take advantage of rpm and its shiny buttons, and other fun things.
Secondary Arches Dennis Gilmore Todays secondary arches are nearly at toddler stage and are getting ready to run. But in order to run they need to make sure momma fedora has taght them to do the right things. This session will be going over Secondary arch releng process, setting up koji, making sure you play nice in CVS. generally what to do if you want to keep your fingers, toes and eyebrows.
Fedora on XO SJ Klein, gdk, Scott Ananian, and whoever else wants to help You can currently download an SD card image optimized for booting an XO into Fedora 10. This session will hand around demonstration laptops, and the current update and testing process, including where to look for the latest releases. Includes secondary tips and tricks for multibooting from multiple USB and SD devices, and dual-booting small system images from the NAND.
GNOME Shell Dan Winship Play around with the new Clutter- and JavaScript-based GNOME desktop prototype. We're looking for hackers to implement new effects/tools/workflows, and designers to help clean up the rough spots in both the new and existing design.
Makefile.common Jesse Keating Makefile.common has been built up over many years by many people. It could probably use a few Make gurus to look through it and suggest speed and logic improvements.
fedora-devshell Yaakov Nemoy fedora-devshell can do be set up to do lots of interesting tricks. come give it a bit of Fedora Love.
Multiseat Chris Tyler Hack on the Multiseat features for F11.
One Laptop Per Child Deployment Strategies Arjun Nayini Discussion on the best ways to distribute laptops based upon experience with a one to one deployment at a local Boston school.
Usability Testing Will Woods / Leah Riley Work on guidelines and documentation for running usability tests - and do some testing, too.
Automated Installation Testing Will Woods It's time to finally hack together a system for doing automated Rawhide install tests, using cobbler and koan.
Sugar on Fedora: RPMs or .xos? gdk Activities in Sugar are delivered as .xo files. Should we be repackaging every .xo as an RPM? If so, what policies do we adopt around maintaining them? If not, why not? Expect a contentious discussion.  :)
RPMs without root User:Cscott Unix programs used to be installable by non-root users, because few people had root on the large multiuser systems of the day. Then everyone got their own machine, and we forgot how to install a program without root access. Today, it is possible to isolate every running program as its own UNIX user, so it's time to reintroduce the question: how can we install programs with root access? (This discussion may be relevant to gdk's session above.) RPM experts wanted for brainstorming!
Rainbow: Colorful Userland Security Michael Stone Ever added an account or created a VM just to run a program you don't quite trust? Ever wished you could easily disable network access for a single program? Come talk about how these and other aspects of "userland security" can be drastically improved, even by unprivileged users, in time for F11.
dracut Jeremy Katz Hacking on dracut, a new initramfs tool intended to be usable across distributions. Users of non-Fedora/RHEL boxes especially wanted to help find where the Fedora-isms have crept in!
CMS - pick, choose, and install Karsten Wade A hopefully brief session after lunch to tackle CMS choices for Fedora Docs Project; this choice could be the precursor to wider usage on We'll look at feature sets, try out some demos, then pick one for installation on a publictest server, which should make a good activity for Sunday.
cobbler John Eckersberg Do something cool for cobbler! I will be adding network objects. Bring your own ideas

Saturday, January 10

LOCATION: Tang Center at MIT (E51).

TIME: 9:00 a.m. SHARP. PLEASE try to be on time! All the important scheduling and other information about the sessions takes place between 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m.

This will be the BarCamp day of presentations, sessions, and talks. Coffee and pastry will be provided in the morning, and lunch will be provided midday. Attendance is free. At the end of the day, there will be a FUDPub.

There will be a GPG Keysigning at some point on Saturday. See the instructions for how to participate.

BarCamp Sessions with Owners

Session Name Description Owner
State of the Wiki A run-through of new wiki policy and the reasons for following it Ian Weller and anyone else who wants to help
Git for Dummies, by Dummies Learning from git masters is wonderful if you can do it. What about learning the simple, getting-started bits from someone who's just good at teaching? Paul W. Frields, hopefully with heckling from a git master when he gets lost
Write Docs with DocBook XML DocBook XML is by far the preferred documentation method for Linux and FOSS. Some Fedora contributors have written entire books in DocBook! Learn how it works -- it's easier than you think, and more powerful than you imagine. Paul W. Frields and Jared Smith
Configuration Management Configuration Management with puppet, Puppet Common Modules and Jeroen van Meeuwen
Comps Brainstorm session on comps capabilities and usage and renewal(?) Jeroen van Meeuwen
Spins Creating custom spins, spins process. Include information on what's a Remix, as opposed to a Spin, and how the guidelines differ for each. Jeroen van Meeuwen
State of the Kernel What's going in for Fedora11 (~2.6.30/2.6.31 mergability), general discussion about what we're supporting Kyle McMartin
Performance Tuning Renegade Finding and fixing performance issues for fun and profit. Mike McGrath
Fedora Desktop Vision for the future of the Fedora Desktop and what needs to happen to get there Jonathan Blandford
Public Speaking for Shy Bearded Hackers So you're a bearded hacker who needs to give a presentation. Come learn how to be an Ambassador Yaakov Nemoy
OLPC martial arts Protecting yourself and your family jewels with an XO. A guide to fast thinking and body position in aggressive crowds, with footnotes about demonstrations and counterattacks.
The Once and Future Anaconda Talking about the current state of anaconda and where it's going for F11, F12, and beyond. Chris Lumens
Asterisk and Fedora Talk A brief introduction to Asterisk, followed by some practical advice on connecting to the Fedora Talk service Jared Smith
File Systems, New and Used What's coming up in file systems for Fedora Valerie Aurora Henson vaurora at redhat dot com
Fedora Classroom: What it is, why it's important, and how to participate. An exciting discussion on the new Fedora Classroom, its purpose and what we need to keep it going. Clint Savage and Kevin Fenzi
Automated QA: What, where, why, how. A discussion about the types of automated QA we can do within the Fedora infrastructure, and where it makes sense to insert it. Jesse Keating and hopefully others from the QA team.
Secondary Arches, how fedora can run everywhere: A discussion on where secondary arches are today, how they play well in fedora. What devices you could possibly run fedora on (all of them including your toaster) Dennis Gilmore and hopefully all of you
KVM the Kernel-based Virtual Machine Deep exploration into the guts of the hypervisor and all aspects of the deployment, management and use of virtual machines using KVM. Sunny Dubey at audiowiki dot org
OLPC in the Clas^B^B^BLivingroom Changing how children think about everyday events and teach others, with a handy Dynabook. Practical uses for sharing and computing. and Mel
Fedora's new cloud Fedora will be building a free to use cloud soon. Come to find out what we're up to and how to get a virtual machine. Mike McGrath
Dracut - An initrd that doesn't suck. An overview of the work-in-progress mkinitrd rewrite. davej & Jeremy Katz
Click-to-translate and other adventures in i18n Suggestions for next-generation internationalization from the OLPC project. C. Scott Ananian
Versioning filesystems, holy COW! What happens when you take desktop search, versioning, copy-on-write, and small children, stuff them in a bag, and then shake the bag really really hard? Find out! C. Scott Ananian
Lightning talks! Come present a 5-10 minute demo of something cool you're working on, or follow up on your hackfest sessions with an explanation to the group of what you've up been to. Chris Ball

Lightning talks signup

Talk description Speaker
MPX and VNC integration Chris Ball
Click to Translate C. Scott Ananian
K12 Linux Warren Togami
Gov't Transparency Ecosystem RemyD
Versioned filesystems, holy COW C. Scott Ananian

BarCamp Sessions Needing Owners

Session Name Description

Final Session Schedule

Times are approximate and may change on BarCamp day. Edit this schedule

Want the video and audio from FUDCon F11? visit here.

Time Room 335 (76) Room 395 (70) Room 149 (67) Room 376 (54) Room 145 (67) Room 345 (120) Room 151 (54)
0900 Speaker pitches and scheduling
1030 Wiki/Docs [2] Dev Shell Java FESCo Rainbow File Systems Spins
1130 QA Kernel stuff in F11 Eclipse svirt comps Moksha(Summary) public speaking
1230 Lunch
1330 RPM vs XO [3] Dracut Push Mirror IPA DocBook Puppet mailing lists
1430 Clouds git RPM scriptlets GPG Func Desktop(Summary) 2nd Arch
1530 Classroom Anaconda Sugar Vision Asterisk / Fedora Talk Lightning Talks KVM Performance tuning
1700 Closing Comments(Alt video)

In addition to videos linked here, you may find videos posted at and by searching on FUDConF11


During the FUDCon Barcamp, many of the presentations will be recorded for audio and video. Much of the audio will be streamed as well. As we get closer to FUDCon, we'll need to coordinate resources and such for recording. If you are interested in helping out, put your name below and what (if any) resource you have to bring along.

  • Clint Savage - 8 Channel audio mixer with send and recieves as well as 4 xlr jacks. Wireless lavalier microphone for recording presenters.
  • Chris Tyler - Camcorder
  • Matt Domsch - Camcorder
  • Camcorder


Flat Top Johnny's, from 6:00pm - 10:00pm. FTJ's is a well-regarded pool hall near the FUDCon site. We will provide dinner food and one beverage (beer, wine, or soda) per person, as well as six (6) pool tables reserved for attendees.


  • Chips and Salsa Baskets
  • Cheese and Fruit with assorted crackers
  • Fresh Veggies with dip
  • Italian meatballs
  • Buffalo style Chicken Tenders
  • Spinach and Feta Filo Pies

Sunday, January 11

Status scratchpad

LOCATION: Tang Center at MIT (E51).

TIME: Beginning at 10:00 a.m.

See #Hackfest sessions for more information. Continuation of Friday's activities and adding to them based on Saturday's BarCamp.

Travel Details


Boston Marriott Cambridge -- Rate: $99/night single or double occupancy

Making Reservations

To make a reservation, use this handy link and select the following:

  • Arrival date: January 8, 2009
  • Departure date: January 11, 2009
  • Group code: RSFRSFA

This group code will give you the room rate in question. Also feel free to enter your Marriott rewards number if you have one.

OR call +1 800 MARRIOTT to make a reservation at the Boston Marriott Cambridge, using group code RSF. (Note the difference in the group name if you make your reservation by phone instead of online.)

ALL attendees must reserve their own rooms. Room rates are good until December 26, 2008. Information will be forthcoming about how to extend your reservation if needed. If you have any problems making reservations, please email the organizers and include details about the issue you encountered.

Other Hotel Details

One complimentary wireless network access account has been arranged per room.

We have reserved 5 rooms for the nights of the 7th and the 11th for people who require "shoulder dates." Contact the organizers for more information.

Local Transit

OpenStreetMap of area nearby MIT Bldg E51, Tang Center

The hotel is very close to MBTA (Metropolitan Boston Transit Authority) facilities for public tranportation. It is also minutes from MIT, Harvard, and other desirable points in Boston.

MBTA Kendall Square Station

Area Map via

From the Airport

If you'll be there for the weekend, you may find a $15 Charlie Ticket, good for 7 days, to be your best value. Otherwise, the subway is $2 cash and the bus is $1.50 cash each trip. Charlie Tickets are available from the T ticket machines in the baggage claim area of the airport. You may use cash or a credit card to purchase--buy one while you're waiting for your luggage to come off the plane.

The fastest trip uses a combination of bus and train (you only need one $2 fare from the airport and pay it as you get on the bus)

  1. Leaving the airport terminal, exit baggage claim and find the 'T' bus stop for the Silver Line outside.
  2. Take the Silver Line T bus to South Station. South Station is the last stop.
  3. At South Station (do not exit the station) follow the signs to the Red Line Outbound (towards Alewife) and get off at Kendall Square/MIT Station.
  4. Go up the stairs, and cross the courtyard and you are at the Marriott.

East Coast Road Trip -- CONFIRMED!

We will rent a van and drive up the east coast of the US. The plan is to leave late on the night of Wednesday the 7th, arrive sometime midday on Thursday the 8th, enjoy an awesome FUDCon, and then return late on the night of Sunday the 11th, depositing people along the way. If you are anywhere near the I-85 or I-95 corridor up the East Coast (starting point: Greenville SC), and if you want to hitch a ride, please add yourself to this list. We can accept up to 12 people.

  1. David Nalley (Greenville, SC)
  2. Mrs. David Nalley (Greenville, SC)
  3. Jared Smith (Stafford, VA) <-- Will only be riding back from Boston
  4. Kenny Parnell (Charlotte, NC)
  5. Greg DeKoenigsberg (Raleigh, NC)
  6. Colby Hoke (Raleigh, NC) <-- video producer for Red Hat
  7. Steven Parrish (Raleigh, NC)
  8. John Eckersberg (Raleigh, NC)
  9. Dan Radez (Raleigh, NC)
  10. Will Woods (Raleigh, NC)
  11. Leah Woods (Raleigh, NC)
  12. Brandon Hoffman (Greenville, SC)