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Goal: to make Fedora the best Free software and open source platform it can be for computer based music production, audio mastering and audio editing.

We aim to accomplish this goal through a variety of activities:

  • Creating high quality packages of music / audio applications, tools and libraries.

The first step here will be integration of CCRMA's packages into Fedora, we are in contact with Fernando Lopez-Lezcano from CCRMA about this, here is his description of planet CCRMA and the renewed integration effort:

Planet CCRMA is a third party repository that specializes since 2001 in transforming a stock Fedora (originally Red Hat) workstation into a low latency audio machine. It includes a low latency patched kernel, assorted utilities to get everything working without manual configuration and a fairly complete collection of up to date open source sound, midi and music applications geared towards musical content creation. Most applications use the Jack sound server to communicate with the sound card and each other.

Over time some packages from Planet CCRMA have migrated to Fedora, this is a second push to integrate more of the core Planet CCRMA packages into Fedora.

  • Providing a forum where users and developers can discuss issues related to music production, audio mastering and audio editing.
  • Seeking publicity for Audio Creation in and with Fedora
  • Actively review each other's audio packages to shorten the time it takes to get them approved and imported into Fedora Package Collection
  • Design additional guidelines on top of the Fedora Packaging guidelines that are specific to audio packages (as needed)
  • Help each other fix bugs that have been filed against audio packages
  • Alerting each other about orphaned and soon-to-be orphaned audio packages so that we can prevent their removal

Jackd system integration:

  • provide a seamless jackd/pulseaudio setup. (no workarounds like [1])

Audio Spin:


The Audio Creation SIG is currently in a phase where we are concentrating on getting more audio related packages into Fedora and specifically concentrating on getting CCRMA packages integrated into Fedora.

Since Fernando's time is almost fully occupied with maintaining CCRMA and keeping it up to date, the effort of the integration of CCRMA packages into Fedora will be mostly done by other Fedora Contributors. The plan is that Fedora contributors go through CCRMA packages spec files to make them fully compliant to the Fedora Packaging Guidelines and then submit them for review and make any necessary changes to pass review. Fernando will be put in the CC of the review, and will be made co-maintainer of packages when the are imported into the Fedora Package Collection. This way the packaging expertise and manpower of the Fedora Community can be combined with the vast Audio Creation experience of Fernando. This effort will be spearheaded by Hans de Goede.

A list of audio packages needing a reviewer will be kept here on the wiki, so that people who want to help can easily find them. If you want to create, submit and maintain packages yourself, that is very good too, be sure to check that they are not already under review, and add them to the list of packages needing review here to get a review from a SIG member.


As our work currently mainly consists of packaging, communication is mainly done through bugzilla review tickets (a list of active ones is below). We also have a mailing list for general discussions surrounding audio / music creation:


Enter any Audio Creation related software you want to see packaged here:

Information Software Instrument Type
Package Summary License Assignee Appl Lib Notation Drums Piano Strings Other Audio MIDI Mixer Sampler
AlsaModularSynth Realtime Modular Synthesizer and Effect Processor GPL currently in PlanetCCRMA; package is called "ams"
CheeseTracker software sampler & step-based sequencer GPL? currently in PlanetCCRMA
chibitracker Impulse Tracker clone GPL
Ecasound multitrack audio processing GPL+LGPL currently in PlanetCCRMA
FreqTweak FreqTweak is a tool for FFT-based realtime audio spectral manipulation and display. GPL currently under review
Mustajuuri audio signal processing GPL/LGPL
Non DAW Digital audio workstation GPLv2+
Non Mixer Digital audio mixer GPLv2+
PureData Real-time Graphical Programming Environment for Audio Std. Improved BSD
Qtractor Audio/MIDI multi-track sequencer GPLv2 currently in PlanetCCRMA and RPM Fusion
ReZound graphical audio file editor GPL? currently in PlanetCCRMA
SuperCollider Programming Language for Real-time Audio Synthesis GPLv2 currently in PlanetCCRMA
terminatorX realtime audio synthesizer GPLv2? currently in RPM Fusion, but for Fedora 11
Traverso multitrack audio recording and editing GPL? currently in RPM Fusion, but for Fedora 11
WineASIO ASIO support for wine GPL?
Wired music production and creation GPL?

Audio Creation related software submitted for review

Information Software Instrument Type
Package Summary License Bugzilla Appl Lib Notation Drums Piano Strings Other Audio MIDI Mixer Sampler
Non-sequencer Real-time, pattern-based MIDI sequencer GPLv2+ 571993

Orphaned Packages Needing Maintainers

No Currently Orphaned Audio Creation packages

Packages Accepted into Fedora

Information Software Instrument Type
Package Summary License pkgdb Appl Lib Notation Drums Piano Strings Other Audio MIDI Mixer Sampler Notes
Ardour Multichannel Digital Audio Workstation GPLv2+ [2]
Audacity Multitrack audio editor GPLv2 [3]
Bristol Synthesizer emulator GPLv2 [4]
Csound sound synthesis language and lib LGPL [5]
FAUST real-time audio signal processing language. GPLv2+... [6]
fmit Free Music Instrument Tuner. GPLv2+... [7]
FluidR3 soundfont Pro-quality GM/GS soundfont MIT [8]
FluidSynth Real-time software synthesizer LGPLv2+ [9]
Frescobaldi LilyPond sheet music editor for KDE4 GPLv2+... [10]
Frinika Music Workstation GPLv2+ [11]
Gnome Guitar small suite of apps for the guitarist GPLv3+ [12]
Hydrogen advanced drum machine GPLv2+ [13]
JACK The Jack Audio Connection Kit GPLv2&LGPLv2 [14]
Jack_capture Record sound files with JACK GPLv2+... [15]
jack-keyboard Virtual keyboard for JACK MIDI BSD [16]
JAMin JACK Audio Mastering interface GPLv2+ [17]
k3guitune Guitar and other instruments tuner GPLv2+ [18]
KGuitar Guitar Tabulature Music Editor GPLv2+ [19]
liblrdf lib for manipulating LADSPA RDF files GPLv2+ [20]
LMMS music production GPLv2+ ... [21]
meterbridge Meter Bridge for JACK GPL+ [22]
Minicomputer Software synthesizer GPLv3 [23]
MusE Midi/Audio Music Sequencer GPL+... [24]
MuseScore music composition & notation software GPLv2... [25]
nted Musical score editor GPLv2+... [26]
MusixTeX Sophisticated music typesetting GPLv2+ [27]
PortMidi Real-time Midi I/O Library MIT [28]
Qjackctl JACK control application GPLv2+ [29]
Qsynth Qt based Fluidsynth frontend GPLv2+ [30]
Rakarrack guitar effects processor GPLv2 [31]
Rosegarden4 MIDI, audio and notation editor GPLv2+ [32]
rtaudio Real-time Audio I/O Library MIT [33]
rumor Really Unintelligent Music transcriptOR GPLv2 [34]
Seq24 Real-time midi sequencer GPLv2+ [35]
Sooperlooper Realtime software looping sampler GPLv2+ [36]
SoundTracker Sound module composer/player GPLv2+ [37]
Swami Sampled Waveforms And Musical Instruments GPLv2+ [38]
Sweep audio editor & live playback tool GPLv2+ [39]
TamTam Music and Sound Exploration Application for the OLPC GPLv2+ [40]
TSE3 MIDI Sequencer Engine GPL+ [41]
TuxGuitar multitrack tablature editor LGPLv2+ [42]
ZynAddSubFX Real-time software synthesizer GPLv2 [43]
arpage MIDI Arpeggiator GPLv3 560446
guitarix Mono amplifier to JACK GPL+ 499975
jconv Jack Convolution Engine GPLv2+ 499306

  • Please add others that have already made the jump into Fedora, so that we can show that the SIG is making positive progress ;-)
  • The above table is made for ease of classification. Feel free to tailor it.

Audio Plugins

DSSI, LADSPA and LV2 plugins allow usage of wide range of audio processors and effects in many audio synthesis and recording software (Ardour, Audacity, Muse, Rosegarden,...). Fedora currently offers a list of most popular ones of these plugins. There are still many more to package:

Audio Plugins Wishlist

Plugin Summary License Assignee Notes
ladspa-mcp-plugins Chorus and Phaser GPLv2+
ladspa-vcf-plugins EQ biquad filters LGPL?
ladspa-vlevel-plugins Look-ahead compressor GPL?

Audio Plugins Submitted for Review

Plugin Summary License Bugzilla Notes
dssi-vst DSSI plugin wrapper for VST plugins GPLv2 492221

Accepted Audio Plugins

Plugin Summary License pkgdb Notes
calf Audio plugins pack GPLv2+... [44]
DSSI Soft Synth Interface MIT [45]
JACK Rack LADSPA effects rack GPLv2+ [46]
LADSPA Audio Plugins LGPLv2+ [47]
ladspa-amb-plugins Ambisonics LADSPA plugins GPLv2+ [48]
ladspa-blop-plugins Bandlimited LADSPA Oscillator Plugins GPLv2+ [49]
ladspa-caps-plugins The C* Audio Plugin Suite GPLv2+ [50]
ladspa-cmt-plugins A collection of LADSPA plugins GPLv2+ [51]
ladspa-fil-plugins LADSPA Filter plugins GPLv2+ [52]
ladspa-rev-plugins A reverberation plugin for LADSPA GPLv2+ [53]
ladspa-swh-plugins A set of audio plugins for LADSPA GPLv2+ [54]
ladspa-tap-plugins Tom's Audio Processing plugin GPLv2+ [55]
ladspa-vco-plugins Anti-aliased pulse and sawtooth oscillators GPLv2+ [56]
lv2core Audio Plugin Standard LGPLv2+... [57]
lv2dynparam LV2 dynamic parameters extension GPLv2 [58]
lv2-swh-plugins LV2 version of swh plugins GPLv2+ [59]
lv2-vocoder-plugins robotic effect to vocals GPLv2 [60]
lv2-zynadd-plugins LV2 port of ZynAddSubFX GPLv2 [61]
slv2 LV2 host library GPLv2+ [62]
zynjacku LV2 synths and plugins host GPLv2... [63]

Packagers/Reviewers/People interested

Audio Creation Links