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This page is deprecated
All Fedora Release Engineering Documentation has moved here with source hosted along side the code in the releng pagure repository


Packages which require an exception to freeze policies must be run through this SOP.

The following freeze policies are set for the following significant release milestones:

See Fedora Release Life Cycle for a summary of all the freezes, dates, and exception handling, or the release engineering calendar for the current release.


The commands to tag a package properly once it has been accepted:

$ koji move-pkg --force dist-f40-updates-candidate dist-f40 <PKGNAME>
$ koji tag-pkg --force f40-<RELEASE> <PKGNAME>

Where <PKGNAME> is the package name, and <RELEASE> is the first release in which the package should land (e.g. alpha, beta, final).


The koji client reports success or failure. For secondary verification, run these commands:

$ koji latest-pkg dist-f40 <PKGNAME>
$ koji latest-pkg dist-f40-updates-candidate <PKGNAME>

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