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Become a docs project contributor

Before contributing to the Docs Project ask yourself if you want to join the docs project. The bare minimum you will need is a Fedora Access System account (FAS) Fedora Contributor License Agreement (CLA). Once you have a FAS account, you will be granted a email alias.

On Licensing / Copyrights

This wiki is under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License (see FedoraProject:Copyrights for details).

Document formatting

The format depends on the type of document the contributor is writing.

  • The website is in HTML.
  • The guides are developed in XML and converted to HTML and .pdf
  • Fedora uses Mediawiki and uses Mediawiki syntax for the wiki pages.

Suggested Tools

  • Gobby is a great real-time documentation collaboration service.
  • Publican is a command line tool for converting DocBook XML documents into other formats, such as HTML, PDF, and EPUB.
  • Works not directly saved into the wiki should be saved in git via Fedora Hosted.

Pointers for contributors looking for documents to write

How it all gets done