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The following elections will take place in November/December 2012:

All dates and times noted are UTC time.

Committee Elections Schedule


  • : Announce election schedule and open questionnaire form.
  • : Questionnaire form open for the community to submit questions for the candidates.
  • : FPL announces 1st appointment to the Fedora Project Board.
  • : Nomination Period (closes promptly at 23:59:59 UTC on the 15th)
  • : Schedule Townhalls for May 25-31.
  • : Questionnaire responses due back.
  • : Questionnaire responses posted to the wiki prior to the first townhall.
  • : Townhalls (Two for the Fedora Project Board, two for FESCo, and two for FAmSCo).
  • : Voting Period (closes promptly at 23:59:59 UTC on the 7th).
  • : Announce Results.
  • : FPL announces 2nd appointment to the Fedora Project Board.

Nominations for Elected Positions

You may self-nominate. If you wish to nominate someone else, please consult with that person ahead of time. Wiki nomination pages carry additional details about the nominee which the nominee is expected to write.

Candidate Questionnaire

We are collecting a list of questions, which will be given to each candidate to answer before the IRC townhall meetings. Please see the F19 elections questionnaire and add your own. Note: not all questions will be posed to the candidates. Questions may be edited. Candidates may choose to answer (or not) as they see fit.

IRC Town Halls

Each group participating in the election will attempt to host one Town Hall forum on IRC. Each will last one hour, or less if there are no further questions.

How to Join

  • Everyone should join #fedora-townhall on FreeNode ( Only candidates and a moderator may speak in this channel.
  • Non-candidates should also join #fedora-townhall-public on FreeNode ( Direct your questions for the candidates to the moderator.

Townhall Schedule

Fedora Project Board

Date & Time Group Moderator IRC Logs
TBD Fedora Project Board TBD

FESCo (Engineering)

Date & Time Group Moderator IRC Logs

FAmSCo (Ambassadors)

Date & Time Group Moderator IRC Logs

Zodbot announcement

Fedora Town Hall at ____ UTC (_____am/pm US-Eastern) with the ______ candidates. Visit for information on how to participate and pose questions to the candidates.

Election Coordinator: inode0

Questionnaire Coordinator: ankursinha

Voting Information

The Fedora Elections Guide has information on the voting method used in the Fedora elections and detailed instructions on how to cast your vote.

Voting Details

If you are familiar with the voting process, you may go straight to the voting site to cast your votes.

Eligible Voters

Voting eligibility is determined by a community member's Fedora Account System (FAS) memberships.

Fedora Project Board

To vote for the Fedora Project Board you must have cla_done in FAS.

FESCo (Engineering)

To vote for FESCo you must have cla_done + one other "non-cla" group in FAS.

FAmSCo (Ambassadors)

To vote for FAmSCo you must have cla_done + one other "non-cla" group in FAS.