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Environment and Stacks Working Group Resources


  • The Environment and Stacks working group meets weekly on Tuesdays in #fedora-meeting. The meetings are at 13:00 UTC.
  • See meeting logs


This is the home for the Environment and Stacks working group which is the team of people working on making Fedora the preferred platform for software development and deployment in any language or application stack. This working group is focusing on the so called "Ring 2" of the future Fedora, as described by Matthew Miller in his talk about Unlike other working groups, this group does not produce a specific product. Rather, along with the Base working group, it will help design the shared core on which everything is built, as well as "building blocks" on top of that.

Mission Statement

The Fedora Environment and Stacks Working Group will research and develop new or improved methods of developing, testing, packaging and deploying software for the Fedora community.

(This statement was approved during the January 28, 2014 meeting.)


Meeting Frequency and Times

  • The Environment and Stacks working group meets each Tuesday in the #fedora-meeting channel, announced no later than 24 hours before a meeting on the mailing list.
  • If there is no agenda posted to the mailing list within 24 hours before a meeting is set to start, the meeting is cancelled and the group leader / FESCo liaison will send out a cancellation notice to the mailing list.
  • The regularly scheduled meeting time alternates each week. On odd week numbers, the meetings are at 15:00 UTC, and on even week numbers the meetings are at 12:00 UTC (week number is determined with date +"%V").
  • In the case where a voting member can not make a meeting where a vote is scheduled to happen, they can either pre-vote via the mailing list or abstain-by-default.
  • After meetings, meeting minutes will be sent to mailing list.


Approved Documents

Tasklist/How to get involved

Which features were started, where is help needed can be found here: Tasklist

Helpful Information

Commands for chairing a meeting

#startmeeting Env and Stacks (YYYY-MM-DD)
#meetingname env-and-stacks
#chair pkovar tjanez samkottler bkabrda hhorak juhp mmaslano vpavlin sic
#topic init process
#topic ...

Don't forget to use #info, #agreed and #action often for better meeting minutes.