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Location and Date

  • Rheinfelden, Germany
  • Arrival: Friday, 2013-12-06 & Departure: Sunday, 2013-12-08

Accomodation and stay

Responsible Ambassadors


Please add yourself if you want to attend including also your estimated budget request for transportation.
If you add your self, you better make sure to come!
Attendee Arrival Departure Estimated travel cost Funding request
1. Gerold Kassube
2. Robert Mayr traveling with Gabriele by car from Milan
3. Gabriele Trombini € 100,00 for the travel by car (Milan - Rheinfelden)
4. Christos Bacharakis €399 if I depart on Monday the 9th of December. Flights on 8th are way more expensive and depart from Basil early in the morning. + €20 for a two way train ticket from Basel to Rheinfelden and back
5. Fabian Affolter 200 km by car ~ 16 l ~ €25
6. Christoph Wickert Fri, 17:00 BSL Sun, 19:00 BSL 66,60 EUR #325
7. Jiří Eischmann Fri 15:10, BSL Sun, 17:35, ZRH #298
8. Miro Hrončok Fri 15:10, BSL Sun, 17:35, ZRH #298
9. Felix Kaechele 78,51 EUR (already booked, managed to cash in a 20€ coupon by just googling "Lufthansa Gutschein". Try it!)
10. Zoltán Hoppár Train costs 50 EUR from Györ to BUD with return. 2 direct flight ticket with EasyJet: 140 € BUD to BSL (this is cheap ticket, cost raises quickly as the date nearing), includes return, together with Rgeri77. Possibly transfer, and train costs from BSL Airport to Rheinfelden for 2 person (sorry I didn't found yet prizes).
11. Gergely Rákosi see line 10
12. Aleksandra Fedorova (single room) --> confirmed Fri, 17:00 BSL 70 EUR, flight from Berlin
13. JoergSimon (if single room is available) --> confirmed travel from Stuttgart goes on my account
14. Onuralp SEZER € 191.60 for the travel by Plane (Samsun - Basel)
15. Patrick Uiterwijk €56,48 for plane (Amsterdam - Basel)
16. Gianluca Sforna 100€ (Perugia-Milan by car, then pool with robyduck and mailga)
17. Kévin Raymond 140€ by boat+train from Évian. Will try to ride till there which would make it cheaper.
18. Marina Latini (single room) --> confirmed traveling with Gabriele, Robert and Gianluca by car from Milan. Please, can I have a single room? :)
19. Drabo Constantin 665.616€ from Ouagadougou to Basel
20. Jaroslav Reznik same as Jiri/Miro, btw. consider me as low prio


Accommodation + Dinner: ~$2700

Travel Costs: ~$2500

Total: $5200



  • 11.15 - 13:00 Events in EMEA 2014
Date Event Location Owner Notes Estimated Attendance Budget USD
February, 1+2 FOSDEM Brussels Jiri Eischmann 6000 2000
February, 7-9 Devconf Brno, Czech Republic Jiri Eischmann 600 0
March OSSConf Slovakia Jiri Eischmann 100 0
March Open Source Days Copenhagen, Danmark Robert Scheck, Lars Delhage? 500 1000
March, 15+16 CLT Chemnitz, Germany Jörg Simon +1000 EUR sponsoring from 2013 budget 3000 1000
March, 30? IDLELO Nairobi, Kenya Oku Onyebo, Christoph Wickert, Karl Fischer? Biggest event in Africa, prices exploded 150 4500
April Linuxwochen Graz, Austria Dominic Hopf? 150 350
May Linuxwochen Vienna, Austria Sirko Kemper 150 1000
May 11+12 Fosscomm Patras, Greece ask Christos Bacharakis?
April, 2-5 Libre Graphics Meeting Lepizig, Germany Sirko Kemper discuss with Sirko 500
May, 8-10 LinuxTag Berlin, Germany Christoph Wickert 4000 10000
May, 20+21 Solutions Linux Paris, France Guillaume Kulakowski 200 12000
Juli, 24-31 Guadec Strasbourg Jiri Eischmann 400 0
August Froscon St. Augustin, Germany Felix Kaechele 1500 1850
October LinuxDays Prague, Czech Republic Jiri Eischmann 500 0
October, 13-15 LinuxCon Düsseldorf, Germany Felix Kaechele 1000 1500
October Open Word Forum Paris, France Haïkel Guémar 2000 150
October, 25 LinuxDays all over Italy Gianluca Sforna, Robert Mayr, Gabriele Trombini 500 0
November Lit-OL Oldenburg Matthias Runge, Christoph Wickert 100 0
November FSCons Gothenburg, Sweden Robert Scheck? Lars Delhage? 300 1300
November LinuxAlt Brno, Czech Republic Jiri Eischmann, Jaroslav Reznik 500 0
November, 9+10 OpenRheinRuhr Oberhausen, Germany Sven Lankes? Felix Kaechele? 1000 400
November Software Freedom Days Hamburg, Germany Dominic Hopf? 100 0
November Software Freedom Days Brno, Czech Republic Jaroslav Reznik 50 0
November Software Freedom Days Berlin, Germany Jaroslav Reznik 100 50
November Brandenburger LinuxTage Potsdam dead 0
November LinuxDay Dornbirn, Austria Matthias Summer? 100
November OSSC Szeged, Hungary Zoltan Hoppar includes 1000 EUR sponsoring 400 2000
December FSF-OSSC Budapest, Hungary Gergely Rakosi 300 100
 ?? Euro Python Berlin, Germany Matthias Runge, Alexandra Fedorova, Miro 700 0
 ?? Hardware Freedom Day Moscow, Russia Alexandra Fedorova, Miro 700 1000

  • SWAG Production
    • 15:15 - 17:00

Swag ideas

If you have an idea, get a quote from a company and file a ticket in the EMEA swag tracker. Tickets are due midst of January because we need to be able place orders before the end of the fiscal year.

  • Bottle openers. Jiri and Christoph to get quotes for bottle openers. Go for the cheaper ones.
  • Sticky notes, white logo and wordmark (Christoph, Jiri)
  • More cheatcubes (Gerold, Zoltan):
    • Fedora ones should be updated for systemd
    • Distro-neutral cheatcubes for lvm, selinux, bash, vim, etc. (low priority)
    • Note: Not coated
  • Soccer/Baseball style shirt (Christoph, Gerold)
  • Exclusive polos or dress shirt for contributors. Something classic (Santafetex, Gerold)
    • Jiri ordered Polos for devconf, they were ~ 15 EUR each.
  • A blue shirt because we can't stand black and whit any longer (Jens, Jiri).
  • Bicycle cloth, even if it is just a small batch and we have to pay ourselves (Robert)
  • Soft shell (Christoph, Gerold)
  • Towels, white with stiched logo (Jens, Gerold)
  • metal Keychain, just like the FEFE ones (Christoph)
  • Pens (Christoph, Jiri)
  • Notebooks (Felix)
  • Pen set (ball pen and pencil), slightly more exclusive, probably around 5-6 EUR (Gerold)
  • all purpose flyers (music, graphics, 3D printing, ...)
  • Umbrella (Christoph)?
  • plastic beer coasters (Kevin)
  • Swag budget based on [numbers from 2012]: USD 9700
  • Shipping: USD 3000 (because of shipping to Africa and Middle East)
  • Create the budget (plan) & announcement
    • 18:00 - 19:00
  • Saturday at 19:00 h starts the social event


  • not defined yet (will come through the day)
    • 09:00 - ??


  • Registration closed.

Some photos of the FAD event

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