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We're OPEN!
The nomination period is in progress!

The following elections will take place in November/December 2012:

All dates and times noted are UTC time.

FAmSCo elections November/December 2012

Current members of FamSCo are:

As per the FAmSCo_election_rules, these members finish their term and their seats are up for re-election:

For the last election, please see FAmSCo elections May/June 2012

Candidates must be a member of the Ambassadors group in the Fedora Accounts System. This helps ensure that FAmSCo members have some experience with the processes of Fedora Ambassadors, but still allows relatively new contributors to sit on FAmSCo and bring fresh ideas to the table.

Ambassadors will be following the Fedora election timeline.

You may self-nominate. If you wish to nominate someone else, please consult with that person ahead of time.

Eligible Voters
Voting eligibility is determined by a community member's Fedora Account System (FAS) memberships.

To vote for FAmSCo you must have cla_done + one other "non-cla" group in FAS.


  • Please briefly describe your history with Fedora.
  • Why do you want to be a member of FAmSCo?
  • What is the proper role for FAmSCo in a global project like Ambassadors?
  • What are your particular goals related to FAmSCo?
  • What would you change about the way Ambassadors is run?


CLOSED The questions have not been posted. Please wait for the questionnaire wrangler to contact you!
Candiates, don't post your answers yet
Once the questionnaire period is over, the Elections Wrangler will collect the answers and post them at the same time. This attempts to make things more even and fair for candidates to be open with their answers and not copy from earlier responses.


Truong Anh Tuan (tuanta)


  • Please briefly describe your history with Fedora:
    • Fedora User since the first Fedora Core released (Red Hat Linux user, before that).
    • Fedora Contributor since 2009.
    • Initialized and maintained the first Fedora mirror in Vietnam: since 2009.
    • Organized a lot of Fedora Release Parties around the country since Fedora 11 (that's also one of three best Fedora 11 release parties worldwide:
    • Founded Fedora Vietnam community with dedicated community website and mailing list since 2010.
    • Co-chaired/Co-organized Fedora Ambassadors APAC bi-weekly meeting since 2010.
    • Fedora package maintainer for two years.
    • Present Fedora at a lot of FOSS and Tech events.
  • What is the proper role for FAmSCo in a global project like Ambassadors?:
    • Coordinate ambassadors in regions and countries.
    • Support ambassadors to run their own events and other activities.
    • Coordinate with Fedora leadership and CommArch for budget and reimbursement.
  • What are your particular goals related to FAmSCo?:
    • Connect ambassadors among countries and regions better; support local ambassadors to make regional meetings more effective (e.g. more people involved, more effective discussions, faster from thoughts to actions, etc.).
    • Make budget budget/fund review, approval, usage and reimbursement faster and more effective.
  • What would you change about the way Ambassadors is run?:
    • Run more FADs, Fedora release parties, etc. to introduce more about Fedora to people and to share knowledge and experience among Fedora users and contributors as well.