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The final talk list is out at [1]. We'll be having a mini-conf along with a couple of talks in the main conference


Add yourself if you are coming.

No. Name T-Shirt Size Comments Accommodation Booth Duty Sponsored? (link to ticket)
1 Hiemanshu Sharma XL Local No Yes No
2 Aditya Patawari M Sharing room with Arun Required Yes
3 Saleem Ansari L will sponsor stay No '
4 Arun SAG M Sharing room with Aditya. Arun will book the hotel room Required No
5 Dinesh Kumar M Local N/A Yes No
6 Suchakra L Local Contact No Yes
7 Neependra Khare L Local Contact No No
8 Amit Shah L Sharing room with Shreyank Gupta. Amit Shah will book the hotel room. Required No
9 Rahul Sundaram XL will sponsor stay No No Yes
10 Siddhesh Poyarekar XL Local Contact No No
11 Shreyank gupta M Sharing room with Amit Shah Required Yes

Main Conf Sessions

Session Name Description Type (Talk/Workshop/Sprint) Duration Audience Level Owner
Getting started with Fedora Embedded and QEMU/ARM hands-on This talk is focussed from a beginner's perspective about Embedded/Linux development and utilizing the maximum from the environment provided by Fedora Embedded. A hands-on with QEMU/ARM for setting up a boot-loader, kernel image, root file system and thereafter on how to customize it further. Finally summarizing the talk with various tools which can be used for development, testing and deployment, and how to contribute back to Fedora Embedded Talk 30-45 min Beginner/Intermediate Saleem Ansari
Failures of Fedora and what we learned from it Experiences from Fedora for 7 years and 14 releases and what we learned from our mistakes Talk 1 hour Beginner/Intermediate Rahul Sundaram

Mini Conf Sessions

Session Name Description Type (Talk/Workshop/Sprint) Duration Audience Level Owner
Fedora Virtualisation: How it Stacks Up I'll talk on the various components that make the Fedora virt system and also on the Fedora Cloud efforts. There will be sufficient hints for volunteers looking for areas to contribute. Talk 30-40 minutes Intermediate/Advanced Amit Shah
Fedora Summer Coding and Fedora KDE Netbook Remix The talk will help students to know more about Fedora Summer Coding, how to participate and do's and don'ts for FSC and similar events. Also the building of KDE Netbook remix will be discussed. Talk 30 min Beginner/Students Aditya Patawari
Exploring Emacs in Fedora - tips and tricks, packaging extensions This talk is about various Emacs extensions i maintain for Fedora and how you can use them to enhance your emacs experience Talk 30 mins Beginner/Student Arun SAG
Four Seasons of Code Talk on FSoC Student Project Management System Talk 1 hour Students/Organisations Shreyank Gupta
Using tracing tools to debug kernel issues Talk on ftrace, trace-cmd to debug kernel Talk 45 min Intermediate/Advance Neependra Khare
Linux-on-a-Box, Straight Through a Web Browser This talk is about accessing Linux on embedded devices remotely using a simple web-browser and its use for educational, administrative and development purposes. This has been made possible by the use of FOSS such as Ajaxterm and setting up a web-server. Some scripts are written for queuing users trying to access the actual hardware at remote end. Talk 20 min Beginner/Intermediate Suchakra


Session Name Description Type Duration Audience Level Owner
Bugzapping in Fedora A workout on bugzapping in Fedora Workout Day long parallel activity Beginner/Intermediate Siddhesh Poyarekar
FedoraForKids A workshop kind of event where we'll talk about how to create a remix, what all packages should be included for a "Fedora For Kids" Spin and what all apps needs to be packaged for the same. We'll try to roll out the remix, if possible, by the end of This idea can be refined a lot, needs a lot of community input. Workshop/Workout A Couple of hours or Day Long depending upon what we target. Beginner/Intermediate Aditya Patawari

Event Owners

Hiemanshu RahulSundaram

Event ticket for keeping track of details at (Only event owners can look at the ticket)


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