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Event Owner

Event ticket for keeping track of details at (Only event owner can access the ticket)

When and Where

December 15, 16 and 17 in Bangalore, India. More details at


No. Name T-Shirt Size Comments Accommodation Booth Duty Sponsored? (link to ticket)
1 Aditya Patawari M Sharing room with Arun Required Yes
2 Saleem Ansari L will sponsor stay No '
3 Arun SAG M Sharing room with Aditya. Required No
4 Suchakra L Local Contact No Yes
5 Neependra Khare L Local Contact No No
6 Amit Shah L Sharing room with Shreyank Gupta. Required No
7 Rahul Sundaram XL will sponsor stay No No Yes. Will reimburse directly
8 Siddhesh Poyarekar XL Local Contact No No
9 Shreyank gupta M Sharing room with Amit Shah Required Yes
10 Harish Pillay XL arriving into Bangalore on Dec 14 taken care of If needed Red Hat funded


Travel and accommodation are sponsored by Red HatCommunity Architecture team to enable Fedora contributors in India to get together as part of the event. The following is a list of contributors we are sponsoring for this event. It is a overall estimate and helps provides transparency.

Name Amount Comments
Aditya Patawari 7826 INR
Amit Shah INR Amit Shah has booked 2 rooms for 4 mini conf speakers and will reimburse directly
Arun Sag 6700 INR
Saleem Ansari 5935 INR
Rahul Sundaram 5299 INR
Neependra Khare 6300 INR
Shreyank Gupta 5711 INR
Suchakra 5181 INR
Siddesh Poyarekar 6213 INR

Main Conf Sessions

Session Name Description Duration Audience Level Owner Slides
Getting started with Fedora Embedded and QEMU/ARM hands-on This talk is focussed from a beginner's perspective about Embedded/Linux development and utilizing the maximum from the environment provided by Fedora Embedded. A hands-on with QEMU/ARM for setting up a boot-loader, kernel image, root file system and thereafter on how to customize it further. Finally summarizing the talk with various tools which can be used for development, testing and deployment, and how to contribute back to Fedora Embedded 30-45 min Beginner/Intermediate Saleem Ansari
Failures of Fedora and what we learned from it Experiences from Fedora for 7 years and 14 releases and what we learned from our mistakes 1 hour Beginner/Intermediate Rahul Sundaram presentation

Mini Conf Sessions

Session Name Time Description Duration Audience Level Owner Slides
Fedora Virtualisation: How it Stacks Up 14:00 I'll talk on the various components that make the Fedora virt system and also on the Fedora Cloud efforts. There will be sufficient hints for volunteers looking for areas to contribute. 30-40 minutes Intermediate/Advanced Amit Shah File:Fedora-virt.odp
Fedora Summer Coding and Fedora KDE Netbook Remix 14:45 The talk will help students to know more about Fedora Summer Coding, how to participate and do's and don'ts for FSC and similar events. Also the building of KDE Netbook remix will be discussed. 30 min Beginner/Students Aditya Patawari Presentation
Exploring Emacs in Fedora - tips and tricks, packaging extensions 15:30 This talk is about various Emacs extensions i maintain for Fedora and how you can use them to enhance your emacs experience 30 mi Beginner/Student Arun SAG presentation-pdf
Four Seasons of Code 16:10 Talk on FSoC Student Project Management System 30 min Students/Organisations Shreyank Gupta pdf
Using tracing tools to debug kernel issues 16:40 Talk on ftrace, trace-cmd to debug kernel 45 min Intermediate/Advance Neependra Khare File:Fedora Ftrace.pdf
Linux-on-a-Box, Straight Through a Web Browser 17:30 This talk is about accessing Linux on embedded devices remotely using a simple web-browser and its use for educational, administrative and development purposes. This has been made possible by the use of FOSS such as Ajaxterm and setting up a web-server. Some scripts are written for queuing users trying to access the actual hardware at remote end. 20 min Beginner/Intermediate Suchakra PDFs


Session Name Description Duration Audience Level Owner
Bugzapping in Fedora A workout on bugzapping in Fedora Day long parallel activity Beginner/Intermediate Siddhesh Poyarekar
FedoraForKids A workshop kind of event where we'll talk about how to create a remix, what all packages should be included for a "Fedora For Kids" Spin and what all apps needs to be packaged for the same. We'll try to roll out the remix, if possible, by the end of This idea can be refined a lot, needs a lot of community input. A Couple of hours or Day Long depending upon what we target. Beginner/Intermediate Aditya Patawari


Fedora Project is sponsoring travel for all speakers. Local travel from bus stand to airport can be either via the terminal bus (costs Rs 150) or by local approved taxis (Easy Cabs, Meru Cabs or KSTDC Cabs).


Fedora Project is sponsoring accommodation for four mini conf speakers at:

Hotel Pai Viceroy Hotel. No.6 / J.C Road 1st Cross, Near Minerva circle / Bangalore 2, Bangalore, 560011 Tel: 918026701494,918026535400,918026533701, 2 rooms, shared by four people. Booked under the name of Amit Shah from December 14th to December 18th 2010. 12 PM to 12 PM is counted as one day. Complimentary/free breakfast and free internet wi-fi access. is sponsoring accommodation for the two main conference speakers at:

Tranquille Apartments No 22/5 8th Cross, Chikkadugodi, Tavarekere Main Road Bangalore 560 029 India

Contact numbers are

080 - 41214959 +91 99455 64916 +91 98807 02992

Food will provide you food and coffee/tea as part of your ticket cost. Fedora Project will reimburse the expense for the mini conf speakers.

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