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In this section, we cover the Fedora Design Team[1].

Contributing Writer: Nicu Buculei

Installing the Design Suite

Following an user question[1] "I've already got Fedora installed. How do I add the Suite to the existing platform", Máirín Duffy suggested[2] a long yum command "yum install agave blender entangle fontforge fontmatrix gimp gimp-*-plugin GREYCstoration-gimp mathmap inkscape mypaint nautilus-image-converter optipng rawtherapee scribus shotwell synfigstudio ufraw xournal jokosher pitivi gtk-recordmydesktop", Nicu Buculei asked[3] for a group/comp "Maybe we should look intro providing a: yum groupinstall design-suite", Gianluca Sforna offered his help[4] "I could help with the 'comps' part (e.g. actually creating the package group) if needed, then you may just add @design-tools in the kickstart file" while Ankur Sinha proposed[5] "Would it be overkill to just create a meta package that pulls in these packages as dependencies? 'yum install design-suite' will then install them all?"

A Design FAD in 2011?

Henrik Heigl advanced the idea[1] of a Design FAD (Fedora Activity Day) "for quite a while there is an idea in the head of some of the Design-Team members to get together for a FAD. As far as I know Design-team had not something like it IRL, so the idea came up to put something together near the next LGM [Libre Graphics Meeting] in Montreal. That would be the weekend May 7-8 or better 14-15 depending on how much we want to do this weekend."

Free Media Mailer

Ankur Sinha requested[1] an improved envelope design "Can someone please make a mailer that the free media program could use to send it's media in? We already have one[1], but it isn't very generic" and following an indication[2] from Máirín Duffy made[3] a proper ticket. Nicu Buculei suggested[4] better visibility for the request "How about turning this into a bounty item?", Marc Stewart showed[5] the work he did "Since I'd already started drawing up the basic framework, I've turned it into a template, including some useful resources on a separate layer" and Onyeibo Oku accepted[6] the ticket "I took interest in this task being a member of the Free-media as well. So, I accepted the ticket. Looks much similar to a design I did before ... which was of no consequence."