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Fedora is well-known as the premier showcase for the latest open source technology on Linux. Unfortunately, it has also been perceived as being a bit rough around the edges. The Fedora Fit and Finish initiative intends to change this. We will focus on getting the details right and improving the user experience by removing obstacles and annoyances from everyday tasks. For example:

  • Plug in a projector and start a presentation, with everything on the right screens in a minimum of configuration
  • Insert blank removable media and get it formatted
  • Plug in a portable media player and interact with it
  • Share files with someone on the same network
  • Share a network connection with another machine

For Fedora 12, we are planning to hold regular test days in coordination with the Fedora QA team, each of which will focus one some aspect of the user experience of the Fedora desktop spin.

The 'Fit and Finish' initiative is led by the Fedora Desktop team.

How you can help: Let us know about the small things that get in your way when you are trying to get stuff done on your Fedora desktop. You can do so by filing a bug in bugzilla and making it block the 'fitandfinish' tracker bug, or by sending a mail to fedora-desktop-list, or you can participate in one of our test days.

Test days

Our test days will be held on Tuesdays. We will try to provide live CDs to enable people to participate even if they don't have a current rawhide installation. The discussion will take place in the #fedora-fit-and-finish irc channel. See How to use IRC for additional technical information.

Date Topic
2009-07-07 Display Configuration
2009-07-21 Batteries and Suspend
2009-08-11 Peripherals
2009-08-18 Printing
2009-09-08 Sharing: Files, Music, Desktop
Boot and Login

Tracking of issues

To make it easier to track the found issues and their status, we have created a tracker bug with the alias fitandfinish. In good Fedora tradition, all issues should also be reported upstream, once it is clear in which component the fix belongs.