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From the speakers list, we can see few members involved in G11N are planning to attend Flock. This is good chance to meetup and plan activities for coming years (remember to read what was done during F24 cycle).


Planning important activities for upcoming Fedora releases and prioritization.

G11N at Flock 2016

Flock Schedule



Globalization meetup

Date: TBD

  • Meeting
  • Topics:
    • Localization topics
      • Groups, languages, process, how to simplify ? (rewrite some wiki pages and make sure whatcanidoforfedora is consistent)
      • Languages coordination, where are we yet ?
      • Existing and needed tools (AppData, quality insurance, string monitoring, po files, Zanata)
      • Community management (how to find and encourage FAD, events, objectives, projects)
    • Meet with Docs team
      • How does the new system works ? (see Tummala Dhanvi's Blog)
      • What do we do with the current translations ? will they be migrated ? Can we start with install guide ? (it's 100% in french and we can't publish it because of publican issues on pdf)
    • Meet with Website team
      • When can we translate Fedora-Developper ?
      • When can we translate Fedora-Hubs ?
      • Can we have statistics about most used languages and most wanted ?
    • Meet with Infra team
      • Discuss possibilities - need CLA+1 to edit wiki (contributors need to be at least in one FAS group to be able to edit wiki, we currently only use cvsl10n)