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Contact Information

  • Your name:Bhagyashree
  • FAS Account: bee2502
  • Fedora userpage: Bee2502
  • Email Address: bhagyashree dot iitg at gmail dot com (I rarely check my FAS mails)
  • Blog URL:
  • Freenode IRC Nick: bee2502
  • github :

Why do you want to work with the Fedora Project?

Your proposal should include the following: your project proposal, why you'd like to execute on this particular project, and the reason you're the best individual to do so. Your proposal should also include details of your academic, industry, and/or open source development experience, and other details as you see fit

Being involved with the Community Operations team and contributing to Fedora has been a wonderful experience. GSoC offers me a rare opportunity to continue this involvement with CommOps and Fedora by spending my summers doing something I really love(metrics and contributing to Fedora) and making some really impactful contributions along the way.

Do you have any past involvement with the Fedora project or any other open source project as a contributor?

Yes, I have been involved with the Community Operations team since the past six months. Some of my past contributions include -

  • Helped Jan Kurik organize F23 Elections ! Also compiled the post-election metrics. Read more about the F23 elections on the CommOps retrospective here.
  • Compiled Fedora IRC metrics here
  • Fedora Badges post for Newcomers : 'How to get started with Fedora Badges?' here.
  • Some bug fixes for fedora-infra repo along with contributing to Community Blog and Fedora Magazine.
  • Community Blog stats - add link here

I am also a member of Fedora Women and recently started contributing to Fedora Hubs development too.

Did you participate with the past GSoC programs, if so which years, which organizations?


Will you continue contributing/ supporting the Fedora project after the GSoC 2016 program, if yes, which team(s), are you interested with?

I will, of course. I'll continue with the CommOps team and Hubs development. I am also interested in being an Ambassador(but that's for a bit later)

Why am I the best fit for this project idea?

I am really passionate about Data Analytics. With data, I want to understand and impact the community by bringing to light the critical issues along with identifying our strengths and weaknesses to help the leadership make informed decisions.My work in the Community Operations team at Fedora has revolved around these areas and I couldn't be more grateful for this wonderful experience and the awesome community.

Apart from that,

  • I'm really passionate about open source, love the CommOps and Fedora community and I will continue to contribute to Fedora and CommOps even when the project ends.

So, Choose me ! Choose me ! Choose me !

// something about watching CommOps grow // Fedora community here

  • "Bee has been a founding member of the CommOps team since October 2015. In her time contributing to CommOps, she has helped with F23 elections (which was the fourth most participated in election in Fedora history), generated metrics analyzing impact at the FOSDEM conference and telling the story of Fedora's Ambassadors in quantifiable terms (and being featured on the Fedora Magazine for it), and added her unique perspective and wisdom into the decision-making behind many CommOps decisions. Bee has been an integral part of helping CommOps succeed." --Jflory7 (talk) 14:35, 16 March 2016 (UTC)

Project Proposal



Metrics Overall Goals for these Tasks include :

-Learn more about Fedora Users as well as Contributors. -Improve Contributor Experience as a whole. -Along with onboarding strategies, Improve contributing experience for newcomers. -Improve Engagement of existing Fedora Contributors(through badges series' and events) -Suggest strategies for making passive/stagnant contributors more active. -Observe and Record Fedora Contributor behavior. -Identify common trouble spots for Fedora Users and suggest Improvements.

  • Develop Metrics to learn more about Fedora Users as well as Contributors to aid in generate strategies using these metrics.

We can also use data analytics to find triggers which caused contributors to become passive ? -Can we Relate this patterns to newcomers to identify their longetivity and supress such triggers ? -How to help passive contributors make a comeback ? How to increase such numbers ? -Are there any such previous comeback cases ?


Final Deliverables

Metrics and Data Visualizations

Relevant Tickets and Mailing List Discussions :


  • Analyse the participation in past Fedora events including conferences like FOSDEM , FLOCK
  • Develop metrics for contribution activity of participants
  • Analyse the short term and long term impact of the events on Fedora Community


  • Generate Fedora Wiki Monthwise/ Weekwise/ Daywise topic related metrics
  • Timewise metrics for the past year for all topics, if possible
  • Identify active projects from fedmsg statistics
  • Which build has most contributions ?
  • How many contributors are just long-tail from packaging one thing?


  • Compile an overall Badges Metrics Report to find Improvement Areas

(eg : Only 8.1 % of overall contributors have earned "Baby Badger" ! -> 91.9% of contributors have never logged into their Fedora Badges Account -> Are these passive/active ? Need to promote Fedora Badges more in community)

  • Monthwise Trends in Badges Collection . By badge type, ideally :)


  • Overall Metrics like Average size of thread , number of people in a thread, trends in a thread as possible go
  • Mailing List wise Metrics like which lists are highly active lists(get more posts),levels of traffic ,traffic over time , length of discussions
  • Also answer questions like : Where are posters from? Redhat v.s. Non-redhat (can be misleading, because mattdm uses fp.o address, but you get idea)


  • Timewise statistics of bugs/issues like Bug turnaround/Ticket Turnaround.
  • Identifying repositories/bugs which need most help.
  • If possible ,system to identify bugs/issues suitable for newcomers. (Need more discussion on this ).


  • Metrics(Monthwise/Weekwise/Daywise) to answer questions like like Question Posting Rate, Question Answering Rate , Mean Questions posted, Tagwise distribution of Questions posted, % Questions Answered , Mean number of Answers/Comments before Question closed , Time period with Highest Answering Activity , Topic wise Answering Activity Distribution


  • Red Hat vs Non Red Hat Contributors
  • Area wise top contributors
  • Average Contributor Age(Fedora Activity wise) , Retention Rate of Contributors
  • Does contribution activity over time follow a longtail pattern ?
  • Identify patterns in contribution behavior for successful contributors ( Do successful/old contributors have diverse contributions ? Are their contributions in bursts or continous over a period of time ? )
  • Do people care about things outside of their own packages? ( How many developers have a significant number of content badges and visa versa? )
  • Data Analytics for Newcomer Retention and improving contribution activity of community
  • Analyse Fedora Badges Activity of Newcomers to identify suitable tasks
  • Identify impact of Attending Fedora Events on Contribution Activity


  • Automate the fedmsg statistics for quarterly report for Fedora Project
  • Automate Elections related metrics Tasks


  • Develop Tools for CommOps Toolbox


  • Work with the Fedora Community Operations Team in improving Voter Turnout.
  • Do people feel elections are meaningful? Do they not vote because they are confident, or not confident?
  • Do the loud people who get elected really represent the base? Is there a vast silent majority?
  • Do people get elected on incumbency?
  • Was bundling really such a big issue?
  • Agenda and Campaign Analysis of Candidates, if possible

Collaborate with other teams in Fedora Community on metrics related tasks wherever required.

  • Work with Fedora Diversity and Inclusion Advisor to programmatically create, deploy, and most importantly, analyze the Contributor Demographics Survey
  • Collaborate with other teams like Design team, Infra Team and Marketing Team on Metrics Related Tasks

Fedora Hubs Widgets

  • Componentization of CommOps deliverables into Fedora Hubs Widgets.
  • Develop metrics related widgets for Fedora Hubs

Some other cool Ideas bee2502 would like to work on

  • NLP analysis to find the expertise Fedora Contributers

To answer the question "How can best solve my doubt?" OR "Who is the most qualified person for this task?" using meeting logs from IRC meetings

  • Badge Recommendation Engine widget for Hubs

Much along the lines of Stack Overflow Badge Recommendations : "You are 50% of the way to earning the 'Master Editor Badge' " Provide recommendations like "80% of contributors who last collected 'White Rabbit Badge' went on to collect 'Origin Badge' next "

This could be especially helpful for newcomers to explore different areas of Fedora Project Some related representations by mizmo :

Other CommOps related stuff

  • Publish Wordclouds based on IRC Meetings to twitter and CommBlog.
  • Onboarding Series Badges
  • Update fedmsg Documentation. Ongoing work here
  • Selecting and building the Delegation of Subproject membership within the CommOps team. More info here
  • Editing Wiki Pages/ Wiki Gardening tasks whenever possible
  • Assist Diversity Advisor on various diversity related issues. Actively participate in Fedora Community and be involved with projects like Fedora Women

Delivarables of Tasks

  • Report back weekly on Community Operations to Mailing Lists, Community Blog, and other channels when appropriate.
  • Metrics deliverables would include data files(.csv), automated python scripts used to generate the statistics(committed to the fedora-stats-tools github repo) along with data visualizations and reports published to community via Mailing lists, Fedora Planet and/or Community Blog posts whichever appropriate.

Related Initial Contributions during the Application Period

  • And I have learnt to communicate in mailing lists and IRC channels as well by subscribing into the Fedora summer-coding mailing list and Fedora developers mailing and as well as to the IRC channels.
  • I have communicated with the mentors Remy Decausemaker(decause) , Corey Sheldon(linux modder) and Justin Flory(jflory7) via mailing lists and via IRC and got to know more about the project and the technical things that I need to master in developing this project.


//work in progress

I would like to start having a look and master the technical stuff that I need to fulfill even before the Community bonding period starts.

Upto the start of Community Bonding Period (28th of March - 27th of April)

  • Getting familiar with Python and DJango web application framework
  • Gain knowledge in Saas, Compass and Susy
  • Getting familiar with the development environment of AskBot
  • Understand the AskBot pages flow and possible improvements
  • Learn responsive web design in detail

Community bonding period (28th of April - 25th of May)

  • Discuss further about the redesign plan of AskFedora via mailing lists and communicating actively in the IRC channels
  • Present my ideas on how to change the current design of AskFedora reflecting my own ideas.
  • Present what I have already done with the design of AskFedora web interfaces and mock ups, receive feedback from the mentors and further carry on development work on the mock ups and interfaces according to their feedback.

Work Period until mid-term evaluations (26th of May – 26th of June)

  • Week 1-2
    • Finish doing mockups for all the pages in AskFedora and get them finalized.
  • Week 3-4
    • Code the UI for the mockups.
    • First finish with the responsive UI for the Main page and Q/A page and integrate them with the AskBot.
    • Testing and bug fixing.
  • Week 5
    • Start coding responsive UI for the other pages.

Period of submitting mid-term evaluations (27th of June - 3rd of July)

  • Completing and submitting mid-term evaluations.
  • Carry on coding responsive UI for the other pages.

Work Period (4th of July – 8th of August)

  • Week 1
    • Complete coding responsive UI for all the other pages.
  • Week 2-3
    • Find and code the separate and individual left out elements
    • Integrate them with AskBot
    • Testing and bug fixing
  • Week 4-5
    • Final integration with AskBot
    • Testing and bug fixing
  • Week 6
    • This week is allocated in case of emergency reasons that I would not be able to complete some work within the schedule.
    • Apart from the above I will be continuously blogging about the progress of the project and the work I do and on this week I will spend my time refining the content in my blog.

Miscellaneous Information

  • I am very much capable of managing my time and hence I will be able to manage my time effectively and meet the project targets and deadlines on time.
  • As I have great passion and interest towards UX/UI I will be very much willing to learn new things related to them. As I will be working on things I love it will not become a stress or a burden for me even though the hardness or quantity of work that I will be doing become high.
  • And also my department in the university is spending time and money in organizing programs to encourage students to participate in GSoC and FOSS development activities. In case I get to contribute towards this project I would also get a chance in talking to the other students about this project and my contribution towards it. I would also encourage the students to contribute towards design and development activities in Fedora and make them aware of the importance of contributing towards open source software.

Potential Mentors

Remy Decausemaker(decause) , Corey Sheldon(linux modder) and Justin Flory(jflory7)