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== Gaining Edit Access ==
== 獲得編輯權限 ==
In order to avoid malicious users defacing the Fedora Project Wiki, we have had to restrict edit access a little. To gain edit access to the wiki, you must follow a few simple steps. '''Anyone can gain edit access.'''
為了避免惡意用戶損壞 Fedora 專案維基,我們不得不限制一些編輯權限。要獲得編輯維基的權限,您必須按照幾個簡單的步驟。 '''任何人都可以得到編輯權限。'''
# Familiarize yourself with the information on this page and the pages that it links to. Basic guidelines that should be followed throughout the wiki are covered here.  Failure to follow these guidelines creates unnecessary work for other volunteers and may result in revocation of editing privileges.
# 自己熟悉這個頁面上的資訊和這個網頁連結到哪。在這整個維基應該遵循涵蓋基本準則。不遵守這些準則將造成其他志願者不必要的工作,並可能導致撤銷編輯權限。
# Complete the Contributor License Agreement through the [[Infrastructure/AccountSystem|Fedora Account System]]. Signing the CLA gives the Fedora Project the ability to license your contributions to the wiki under our [[Legal/Licenses#This_Website|free license]].  This assures that your contributions will remain forever Free for the community to use, modify, and redistribute, just like the Fedora distribution.  See our [[Legal]] section for more information. Follow the instructions at [[Infrastructure/AccountSystem/CLAHowTo]].
# 透過 [[Infrastructure/AccountSystem|Fedora 帳號系統]] 完成貢獻者許可協議。 在我們的 [[Legal/Licenses#This_Website|自由授權]] 簽署 CLA 協議賦予 Fedora 專案能夠許可您對於維基的貢獻。這樣確保了您的貢獻將繼續永遠免費為社群使用,修改,和重新發佈,就像 Fedora 發行一樣。參考我們的 [[法律]] 條文以獲得更多資訊。依據在 [[Infrastructure/AccountSystem/CLAHowTo]] 的說明。
{{Admon/note|If you are interested in more general website maintenance, or wish to be part of the Fedora Websites team, please see the [[Websites]] page. | Information on writing new formal Fedora documentation using the wiki is available from [[Writing for DocBook using the wiki]].}}
{{Admon/note|如果你有興趣在更進一步的網站維護,或希望成為 Fedora 網站團隊的成員,請見 [[Websites]] 頁面。|可從 [[Writing for DocBook using the wiki]] 得到編寫正式 Fedora 文件的資訊。}}
== Etiquette guidelines ==
== Etiquette guidelines ==

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The Fedora Project Wiki has a very low barrier to entry for editors. (For more about wikis and the Fedora Project Wiki in particular, see the Wiki page.) However, there can be a small learning curve when beginning to use wiki, and we have a number of guidelines that all editors should follow. This page provides those guidelines and a few tips to help you get going.

This document is divided in three parts: gaining edit access, basic wiki editing, and more advanced editing.


為了避免惡意用戶損壞 Fedora 專案維基,我們不得不限制一些編輯權限。要獲得編輯維基的權限,您必須按照幾個簡單的步驟。 任何人都可以得到編輯權限。

  1. 自己熟悉這個頁面上的資訊和這個網頁連結到哪。在這整個維基應該遵循涵蓋基本準則。不遵守這些準則將造成其他志願者不必要的工作,並可能導致撤銷編輯權限。
  2. 透過 Fedora 帳號系統 完成貢獻者許可協議。 在我們的 自由授權 簽署 CLA 協議賦予 Fedora 專案能夠許可您對於維基的貢獻。這樣確保了您的貢獻將繼續永遠免費為社群使用,修改,和重新發佈,就像 Fedora 發行一樣。參考我們的 法律 條文以獲得更多資訊。依據在 Infrastructure/AccountSystem/CLAHowTo 的說明。
如果你有興趣在更進一步的網站維護,或希望成為 Fedora 網站團隊的成員,請見 Websites 頁面。
可從 Writing for DocBook using the wiki 得到編寫正式 Fedora 文件的資訊。

Etiquette guidelines

Refer to Help:Wiki rules and etiquette for some general etiquette guidelines on editing the Fedora wiki.

Creating pages

The Fedora Project Wiki is large, and so there is a need to maintain a proper hierarchy and organization. The best way to learn about these is to review Help:Wiki structure and Help:Categories, and then to review the existing layout of the wiki. Our guidelines will help you name your pages in a way that will help them be more readable, translatable, and easier for search engines to find and promote.

Editing with Mediawiki

Refer to Help:Wiki syntax and markup for basic information on how to write in MediaWiki syntax. It's really easy, and the wiki makes it easy for you to create a beautiful page with almost no markup at all.

Getting Help

If ever you have questions about editing the Fedora Project wiki, or if you need help, please feel free to contact the Websites team. They have an IRC channel (#fedora-websites on freenode) and a mailing list (fedora-websites-list) that are both effective for getting the answers you need.

If you would like to do a lot of editing on the wiki, you should consider joining the Websites team.