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===Open Floor===
===Open Floor===
[[Image:Penguin12.gif|right|Dancing penguin|thumb|100px]]
* Whatever you want to talk about!
* Whatever you want to talk about!
* Continue with our events and work towards our FAD APAC!  :D
* Continue with our events and work towards our FAD APAC!  :D

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[edit] Meeting Details

[edit] Agenda

This is common scheme. Please do not change the agenda on wiki directly. If you have any ideas, requests, etc. feel free to add a ticket to APAC Trac

[edit] Roll call

  • Using ".fas <your-fas>" to show your present.

[edit] Announcements

uploaded as pdfs, in clear readable form for reimbursements. Can you please announce this during the meeting and have it in the logs as an info item too? -]

[edit] Review action items from last meeting

  • Please update the ticket #70 with your ideas on the subject asap
  • FranciscoD close ticket #72.
  • tuanta to open a new ticket to discuss more about organizing real get-something-done FADs in APAC
  • tuanta to Update budget wiki to note Funds available since GSoC in Sri Lanka was not held
  • FranciscoD think of what feedback we can collect from participants in this workshop.
  • FranciscoD update ticket with approval information etc.
  • udinnet announce event date for
  • maeniel udinnet Suresht nangthang *everyone*: if you're interested in helping with budgets, please volunteer with a comment on ticket 79
  • tuanta decide who he wants as the helper
  • KageSenshi to buy everyone light sabers ;)
  • FranciscoD bring up apac community credit card with tuan and cwickert whenever possibleDiscussed at FAmSCo meeting.
  • Suresht send out logs to lists

[edit] Trac tickets

[edit] Open Floor

Dancing penguin

[edit] Summary


[edit] Transcript

[edit] Next Meeting