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Hello Mr.Dramsey! GoodDay!Just want to inquire if i can join on your event Akibara Fedora 14 on May 1 in Tokyo Japan?


Hello Mr.David!

Me and Mr.Heherson met at the RedHat Forum this morning together with other Bluepoint group including Mr.Engles Antonio and Magie Antonio both Fedora Ambassadors.

I also met Mr. Harrish Pillay and Siva Sivaram.They invited us also for Lunch after the forum but we still have to go back in our the office after the event.

Heherson told me you want to get my email. I apologize because I did not write my email on my previous message. This is my email:

I'm available this coming May and I will be able to participate on the event in Japan.I'm very much interested because I've been an advocate of open-source since 2001 and been an active member of Bluepoint Linux User Elite ( By the way we will held our 4th Geek Camp Event this coming Friday-Sunday (March 4-6,2011).It's our yearly activity since 2008 and I volunteered in our organization at Bluepoint to be one of the facilitator on this year's event.We will be focusing on Cloud Computing,Virtualization and the new Fedora 14 release.Hope you can join us.

Mr.David just want also to share some pictures on today's Red Hat Forum in Manila.

I was surprise that there were many attendees but i'm happy because it was really was a success.It opens more doors and minds on the power of open-source.

Thanks!I will be glad to hear from you again. Pls free to email me anytime.

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