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12-18 Month Community Objectives

The primary role of the Fedora Council is to identify the short, medium, and long term goals of the Fedora community and to organize and enable the project to best achieve them. This section documents the medium-term targets we've highlighted (as explained in the Council charter).


Fedora Modularization — The Release

Summary: New modular Fedora design building on lessons learned in prototype phase

Objective Lead: Langdon White

Timeframe: Release with F28, improvements in F29, with publicity to follow.

Details: Objectives/Fedora_Modularization_—_The_Release

Continuous Integration and Delivery of Fedora Atomic Host

Summary: We aim to deliver Atomic Host in Fedora via Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery.

Objective Lead: Stef Walter

Timeframe: Release via CI/CD in F27, with refinements in F28

Details: Objectives/Continuous Integration and Delivery of Fedora Atomic Host

History and Future

See Objectives/Completed and Objectives/Potential