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Fedora QA Meeting - Wed. January 17, 1700 UTC, #fedora-qa on freenode


1. F7 - what are the new features? How will we test them?

  • See the matrix here: QA/7/FeatureMatrix
  • How are we going to track who tested what? Does everyone have wiki access?
  • Do these things have good test plans? Who can write test plans?

2. fedora-updates-system and web interfaces for testing feedback

  • We need a web interface to keep track of who's tested what, and to make it easier to report bugs with test packages.


Raw IRC log is at QA/Logs/20070117

Fedora 7

  • Test1 Freeze is one week away (see Releases/7 )
  • Feature matrix (QA/7/FeatureMatrix ) will be combined with QA/TreeTestingTemplate to make the Test Matrix for F7t1
  • At mether's suggestion, added Blocker/Tracker bugs to QA/TreeTestingTemplate
  • Reports should happen in fedora-test-list and #fedora-qa - QA group (and others) will update the matrix
  • Individual spins should have an appointed Test Lead
  • Responsible for creating a matrix of things to be retested and tracking results
  • What happens when someone upgrades from FC6 to a random F7 spin, from media (i.e. no Internet access)
  • Missing packages - how are they handled? Will deps be broken? How can we avoid that?
  • Upgrade cases to test:

i. Upgrade from Minimal FC6 i. Upgrade from Default FC6 i. Upgrade from Default FC6 + KDE / other random extras i. Upgrade from Default FC6 + 3rd-party repo packages

  • Work with 3rd-party repo owners whenever possible to help them get ready for F7

Test Tools

  • Requesting a host from the Infrastructure team for various things:
  • Test packages, Test results tracker, Bugzilla RPG, etc.
  • Action: wwoods needs to fill out Infrastructure/RFR
  • Test tools - where do they go?
12:13 < mether> why are the tools to test the distributed going to be in instead of in the distribution itself
12:14 < mether> In fact the testing tools should be like the current hardware profiling plan. Automatically installed by default. Trivial to use
  • Action: wwoods will push to get rhts tools into extras ASAP, with assistance from dmalcolm
  • Action: poelstra will import sources from testing.108 into a project on
  • Try to include them by default in Test releases?



  • wwoods, dmalcolm, lmacken will be there!
  • QA Hackfest - hack at Test1 (3 days after release!) and write RHTS tests

Fedora Updates Tool

See Infrastructure/UpdatesSystem

  • Renamed 'bodhi'
  • lmacken working on a QA widget for user feedback on updates:
  • "WORKSFORME/BROKEN" voting, give reasons for brokenness, automatically create/update bugs, etc.
  • widget will be reusable for a future item: QA/FeatureTracker


  • Next meeting: 1600UTC, Thursday, January 25
  • Consider having audio/video conference (with Ekiga etc)