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Proposed meeting agenda

Previous meeting follow-up

  • [jlaska] - update QA/Goals wiki document

No traction over the last week. Still a high priority item for jlaska. Lot's great things happening in QA, and some common themes around them. Just looking for a concise way to document those efforts into a single page.

  • [viking_ice] - check-in with abrt
  • [wwoods] - add post-install network test to basic functionality in rawhide acceptance plan

Fedora 12 Fit n Finish Test Days

AutoQA - update from wwoods

Install Testing SOP draft - update from lili

Improve Bug Reporting proposal - update from viking_ice

Viking_ice introduced several topics noted in the above document. All topics outline areas where improvements could be made around bug reporting.

Open discussion

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Upcoming QA events

Action items

IRC Transcript