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Fedora 18 Release Party - Tokyo, Japan

When and Where

First January Fedora 18 Party

Second February Fedora 18 Party

Organizers / Team


Inprogress inprogress
  • Talking about Fedora 18.
  • Free style party.
  • Open discussion.
Inprogress inprogress

Requirements (Budget/DVD/USB Key copying)

  • DVD distribution as well as USB Key copying.

Detailed Cost Breakup

  • Skip this if you have not requested any budget.


  • Share ideas as well as have fun!
  • Put Report Link here to January 13, 2013's Fedora 18 Tokyo Report!
  • Put Report Link here to February 03, 2013's Fedora 18 Tokyo Report!

File:Marketing Banners fedora bubbles.gif