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Fedora 19 Release Party - Natal, RN, Brazil

When and Where

  • Date: Tuesday, 6 August 2013
  • Time: Starting at 18:00 (Brasilia time)
  • Place: Amador's house :)

Organizers / Team

Amador Pahim Marcel Ribeiro Dantas Cândido Raphael Silva


We plan to discuss the following topics:

  • The Free and Open Source Community
  • Fedora Project
  • Fedora
  • Technical Details about Fedora
  • Free and Open Source solutions in Fedora
    • oVirt, OpenShift, OpenStack, WildFly, Gnome, KDE, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, and so on
  • Free Software in Companies


File:Marketing Banners fedora bubbles.gif