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Release Notes Beats

Where the Beats are Written

Come help cover the relnotes beats at Docs/Beats .

Beat writers must be subscribed to the content flow mailing list.

What is a Beat?

A beat for a writer is a fixed area that you write about. For journalists, covering the proceedings of the local city council is a beat, as would the writer covering the local sporting events.

For the Fedora release notes, a beat covers an area of the release. This puts writers who are interested in a topic in direct contact with the developers of the software. Developers get to know who is their writer, and can send over information knowing it will be documented, visible, and highly available.

More information on the process is available at

Filing A Release Note Request

If you are looking to file a release note, please use this pre-filled bugzilla template . If you want to know more about writing for the Documentation Project, refer to ["DocsProject/NewWriters"] .

To check release note bugs, check bugzilla .

The release notes are available online with the rest of Fedora documentation.

Beat Assignments

This page lists all of the writing beats for the release notes, and who is assigned to them.

Beat Name Writer Developer PoC Use only if there is a writer who is not a subject expert
Welcome Open
OverView RahulSundaram
Feedback Open
Installer LuyaTshimbalanga JeremyKatz, PaulNasrat
ArchSpecific JasonMatthewTaylor
PPC Specific Content DavidWoodhouse
x86 Specific Content JasonMatthewTaylor
x86_64 Specific Content JasonMatthewTaylor
Docs/Beats/Live Open
Package Notes Open
Kernel SamFolkWilliams DaveJones
Desktop RahulSundaram ChristopherAillon
Printing GavinHenry TimWaugh
Server Configuration Tools ChrisLennert
File Systems Open
File Servers SteveDickson
Web Servers JoeOrton
Docs/Beats/MailServers Open
Docs/Beats/Devel Open
Docs/Beats/Devel/Runtime Open
Developer Tools Open Open
GCC Open UlrichDrepper
Docs/Beats/Devel/Tools/Eclipse Open Open
Security JoshBressers (Lead), KarstenWade DanWalsh (SELinux), JoshBressers
SELinux JoshBressers (Lead), KarstenWade DanWalsh (SELinux), JoshBressers
Java AnthonyGreen
Samba MartinBall Open
System Daemons (cron, etc.) Open
Multimedia PatrickBarnes
Entertainment PatrickBarnes
Networking ThomasGraf ChristopherAillon
Virtualization SamFolkWilliams Open
Xorg (X Window System) BobJensen AdamJackson
Database Servers Open
I18n JensPetersen
Backwards Compatibility Open
Package Changes RahulSundaram ElliotLee
Docs/Beats/ProjectOverview Open
Docs/Beats/Colophon Open
Docs/Beats/Legal Open
FAQ Open
Fedora Legacy Project DavidEisenstein
Fedora Extras repository Open