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Fedora 9 Feature List

Fedora 9 Accepted Features

These features have been accepted by the Fedora Engineering Steering Committee for the Fedora 9 Release.

100% Bluetooth Ongoing Bluetooth enhancements 2008-03-26
100% Clock Applet Improve the support for multiple timezones/locations in the clock applet 2008-03-03
100% Dictionary Support Fix the proliferation of dictionaries in Fedora 2008-04-07
100% Full Virt Kernel Boot Xen fully virtualized guests will be able to directly boot a kernel and initrd image and pass kernel boot args 2008-03-15
100% ext4 filesystem Add ext4 filesystem support 2008-04-07
100% Encrypted Filesystems Add built in encrypted file system support 2008-04-07
100% Fast X start up and shutdown Increase response time to 1 second from exec to accepting clients 2008-04-11
100% Firefox 3 Upgrade to Firefox 3 2008-04-10
100% Free IPA Make Identity, Policy and Audit centrally and more easily managed 2008-04-07
100% gcc4.3 Update Fedora to gcc 4.3 2008-03-12
100% gdm Update to new upstream Gnome Desktop Manager (gdm) 2008-04-09
100% Gvfs Gvfs is a userspace virtual filesystem with backends for things like sftp, ftp, dav, smb, obexftp, etc. It is the replacement/successor of gnome-vfs 2008-03-17
100% jigdo Provide jigdo support for obtaining Fedora 2008-03-15
100% KDE4 Replace KDE3.5 with 4.0 and upgrade modules 2008-04-16
100% Live Persistence Live USB images persist between booting 2008-04-08
100% More NetworkManager Expand the situations in which NetworkManager can be used and make it more robust 2008-03-19
100% NetworkManager Mobile Broadband Proper support of GSM and CDMA mobile broadband cards in NetworkManager, including first-class device support like Ethernet and WiFi devices 2008-03-19
100% PackageKit Provide alternative package management system 2008-04-06
100% Partition Resizing Partition resizing at install time 2008-04-07
100% perl5.10 Update perl in Fedora 9 to 5.10.0 2008-03-10
100% Pre Upgrade Allow users to depsolve and download only the pkgs they need to upgrade their distro while using the older version 2008-04-10
100% Randr Support Use the capabilities offered by the Xrandr X extension throughout the desktop 2008-04-09
100% Second Stage Install Source Move install selection to second stage of installer 2008-04-07
100% TeXLive Replace teTeX with TeXLive 2008-04-10
100% Update X Server Update X server to at least version 1.5 2008-04-11
100% Upstart Replacement for SysVinit that allows service management and event-driven initialization 2008-04-09
100% Virtual Authentication Extend remote authentication to use Kerberos and PAM 2008-03-15
100% Virtual Manager PolicyKit Enable virt-manager to run as a unpriveledged user 2008-03-15
100% Xen paravirt_ops Replacing the current forward-ported XenSource code in kernel-xen with the paravirt_ops based implementation from upstream 2008-04-07
100% XULRunner Introducing and ensuring that all the applications that need only the Gecko browser engine are using XULRunner 2008-04-10

Fedora 9 Proposed Features

Feature Process

  • The process for adding, proposing, and accepting new features into Fedora is here: Feature Process.

Fedora 9 Release Schedule

Fedora 9 Release Summary