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Fix wakeups across the distribution


Fix unnecessary wakeups across the distribution in all packages.


  • Name: BillNottingham, ChrisBlizzard, FlorianLaRoche

Current status

  • Targeted release: Fedora 8
  • Last modified: 2007-10-03
  • Percentage of completion: 100%

1. Powertop is included 1. Call for testing results done - results being recieved 1. bugs are filed 1. 28/53 filed bugs fixed (so far)

Usage cases/rationale

With the introduction of a tickless kernel , any extraneous wakeups cause more power to be used, drain batteries, produce more heat, and use more natural resources, threatening the environment of this baby seal.

<img src= alt="Awwww, isn't he cute?">

Do you really want to kill the baby seal?


Requires changing any packages that misbehave.

Test Plan

Use powertop to test wakeups. Compare to F7 and F6.


Depends on the tickless kernel .


Bug 204948 or Deptree 204948 is used to track unnecessary wakeups.

While we'd like to have a nice, clean, web app for people to submit their worst offenders, it's unlikely this will happen given the time constraints and powertop's unique coding style. Therefore, it's more likely that we will just poll users for their results, and go from there.


Contingency plan

With no fixes, we'll just suck as much as previous releases.


None needed.

Release Notes

None needed.