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Small and beautiful.

Fedora Minimal Core SIG

The Fedora Minimal Core SIG is a group of people interested in maintaining Fedora's minimal package set. This is the Core group in the comps file, and any packages installed by the Anaconda installer by default.


The Fedora Minimal Core SIG ensures that the Fedora minimal package set is an intentionally curated selection rather than an ad hoc accretion of packages.



  • Choose a working definition for "minimal" (kernel + systemd only vs enough to get to yum install over the net vs basic traditional unix system)
  • Define basic standards for package dependencies (e.g., no X in the minimal install)
  • Reduce size of packages within the minimal set, in line with Fedora distribution goals and our working definition
  • Collect and describe use-cases for the minimal package set
  • Work with QA, Release Engineering, Cloud Sig, Anaconda Team, and other stakeholders to ensure everyone's needs are met


Fedora is not an ultra-minimalist "tiny linux distribution", and we aren't aiming to make it into one.



There is no formal "join" process. If you are interested in this work, please add your name to this list


There is no separate mailing list for this SIG. Please use the main Fedora Devel list for now. We may eventually have our own list, but in many cases we'll want to reach a wide audience of Fedora developers anyway.

SIG Documents

These documents are the result of the work of this group; see the Goals section above. Feel free to work on them, but please separate draft ideas from official SIG recommendations. Use the Wiki discussion page feature for comments and discuss on the Fedora Devel mailing list.