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Telegram is a popular multi-platform messaging tool used by some members of the Fedora community for sync chat and updates.

This page aims to list all Fedora groups and channels, including country-specific localized ones.

Channel/Group Description Link
Fedora Project News This channel is for official news relating to the Fedora Project. News is relayed by Fedora sources.
Fedora A group chat for Fedora users. Please use English.
Fedora España Hablamos sobre Fedora. Todos son bienvenidos, pero habla en castellano, por favor.
Fedora Brasil Grupo de Utilizadores e Colaboradores do Projeto Fedora.
Fedora Deutschland Group chat for German speaking and Germany inhabitants
Fedora LATAM Closed group for Fedora users in Latin America (including Mexico) Invite only. Ping @Villadalmine