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== Hotel plans ==
== Hotel plans ==

Max is staying at the Holiday Inn Express walking distance from the venue.
! Booked under !! Roommate !! Check-in !! Check-out !! Nights !! Cost
| Name || If applicable || FOO || BAR || BAZ || $$$

== Sponsorship requests ==
== Sponsorship requests ==

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This page handles the budget for Texas LinuxFest 2010.


Line Item Expected Cost Notes
Sponsorship $500 10 ft. x 10 ft. booth/advertising. Paperwork has all been sent by MaxSpevack.
Travel Subsidy $700 Estimating
Fedora meal $100 Sandwiches, pizza, or something like that. Will include vegetarian!
TOTAL $1,300

Hotel plans

Max is staying at the Holiday Inn Express walking distance from the venue.

Sponsorship requests

Chris Tucker

The Habitat Suites Hotel down in Austin is giving us Linux people a cheaper rate for the event weekend. This is a 'green' hotel as well. It is walking distance to the event. The rates are 89.99 a night, + taxes, I was told on the phone it was total of $204.76 with all taxes for Friday night, and Saturday night. Want to lock this in soon as possible to do so. Mapquest thinks it is going to cost $38.20 fuel down and $38.20 back home so $76.40 for fuel. Right around $300 for the weekend, for hotel and fuel.

Adam Miller

I would really like to attend in order to work the Fedora booth so that I can help spread Fedora to a larger audience of my home state than I am normally able to get here in my home town. I will be bringing two laptops both powered by Fedora. One of which is a tablet so we can show off some of that fun stuff. I unfortunately lack the funding for the hotel room and such, my financial break down for the weekend is extremely similar to that of Chris Tucker's as outlined above and would also like to request a similar amount in order to cover expenses.